Laurel Holloman

Laurel Holloman


5/23/1971, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Birth Name

Laurel Holloman



Also Known As

Lisa Holloman, Actress
  • Laurel Holloman appears in the final sea...
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Laurel Holloman, actress, was born on May 23rd, 1971, into the politically liberal town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Laurel is the youngest of her clan, and was very shy until she began acting in her late teens. Laurel went to College for a year, before moving to…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • beauty and talent

    Laurel Holloman is pure beauty and talent. She is a very good actress and I wish she gets the break that she needs in this industry. I believe she only needs one really good movie for the world to see how good an actress she is. She is also a very good painter. There were clips of Laurel on the youtube painting -- and really, she has talent! Well, I wish Laurel a good future in both the film industry and art painting industry. With the talent she has, she deserves to be appreciated by the world at large. Good luck, Laurel!moreless
  • Laurel Holloman is the best in the L Word. She deserves another award...just simply love her.

    I absolutely love her...she brings life to the l word...without her and jennifer i wouldn't love the show but she's really my fave...she's so gorgeous, talented, sexy,the heart of the show and she's just simply great..she turns me on. I can't blink my eyes when she's on screen...I'm so crazy about Laurel...She's the best!!!! Best Actress Award again for her. I super love the way they communicate with Bette and their sex scenes are superb...they have the chemistry that even straight couples cannot portray...damn they're so sexy!!! Laurel is the kind of woman I would love to wake up with every morning and stare her pretty hazel!!!moreless