Lauren Ambrose





2/20/1978 , New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Birth Name

Lauren Anne D'Ambruoso




Born in Connecticut, USA, on February 20, 1978, Lauren Ambrose is yet only in her twenties, but she is already well famous for several memorable roles and awards. Daughter of Frank and Anne (who broke up in 2001), and sister of John (born 1985). Lauren is married to Sam Handel, a photograper from Boston, since September 2001.

Lauren gave birth to their first boy, Orson Halcyon Handel, on january 16, 2007.

Lauren started her career in the age 14, when appearing on stage in Soulful Scream of a Chosen Son, a drama play Off-Broadway. In addition, she participated in shows of the Ensemble Studio Theater and Naked Angels Troupes. But of course theater isn't enough, and soon Lauren found her way to Television and to the big screen.

Lauren's debut performance held on TV was in Law & Order during 1992 and 1993. She took several memorable supporting roles as a guest. Later, in 1998, she returned to the series for another quite impressing guest role.

Lauren started to catch attention on the cinema in 1997. She had a participated in Frank Oz's comedy In and Out, as Vickie Rayburn student who blames her English teacher for inappropriate sexual life. Moreover, in 1998 she had a proper success after playing Denise in the comedy Can't Hardly Wait. That's when people started to recognize her and she was well remembered.

Using that applause, she joined as recurring star to the comedy Party of Five in 1999. She was Myra, a teenager who tried to solve her problems with alcohol and attempted to fake a story about the pseudo-patriarch Charlie (Matthew Fox), which tries to ruin her career. It was said that Lauren gave life and spirit into her role, creating a 3D image of that rebel girl.

She caught more screen in the movies Swimming (in 1999) and Psycho Beach Party (in 2000). In the former, she was starring as a tomboy in a small town, who spends the summer alongside her boyfriend and a mysterious drifter. She managed to draw the audience sympathy in every state of her role, again showing a unique ability of playing.

Currently, Lauren is starring on HBO's comedy Six Feet Under. She joined the cast in 2001. There, she is Claire Fisher, the youngest child in a family of morticians. She questions life, and, as an artist, raises her own opinions about the world. Lauren was nominated for Emmy in 2002 for that role.

There are currently also 2 pre-productions movies in which Lauren is intended to star.

With so many abilities, and qualities that fascinate every audience, there is much more yet to come for Lauren. She is still young, and only in the beginning of her career. Viewers are going to know her very well, soon enough.