Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan


11/30/1982, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Lauren Cohan was born November 30, 1982 in Philadelphia and lived in Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey during her childhood before moving to the United Kingdom. Lauren graduated from the University of Winchester/King Alfred's College where she studied Drama and English Literature. She then toured with a theatre…more


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    • Lauren: I was born in Philadelphia, I lived in New Jersey for a short time, and then I moved to England, when I was a kid. And then, I recently moved to L.A. I'm American by birth, and English by accent. I grew up just outside London, in Surrey.

    • Lauren: I'm not religious, but the tradition, the culture and the history are very important to me.

    • Lauren: (about what she likes to do in her spare time) See my family, that is the most important. Otherwise, anything that involves bicycles, peaceful venues or the big wide open.

    • Lauren: I don't recall ever deciding to pursue a career in acting.

    • Lauren: (on not completely getting pranked by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) I think part of it is I am totally on my toes and expecting it to happen so nothing big has happened to me yet.

    • Lauren: (on "Supernatural" fans' pre-judgments about having two new female characters on the show, to be played by her and Katie Cassidy) As far as the fans being wary of us coming on, I think it's exciting! The fans are dedicated and it's a challenge for us to live up. It's wonderful to be part of a show where the audience cares that much about the characters.

    • Lauren: (on choosing between Sam and Dean of "Supernatural") They're both pretty cute though. One has the hair, the other has the jaw. One has got the stubble, the other one has the super height. Let's put it this way, neither one is a bad bird really. [Laughs]

    • Lauren: I have a very weak stomach for horror. I need curtains on the front windows of my house because that heightens the whole fear factor.

    • Lauren: (on feeling welcomed and accepted as a new member of the "Supernatural" cast) You would think it might be a little weird to come into a show after it has been on for awhile but everyone was really nice and gracious and right away made me feel like their little sister.

    • Lauren: I really miss doing stage though, I really do. I actually prefer that, hands down to anything else and I can do it in bits and pieces but it's not that easy to commit to a play. Life's much easier if you can get work in TV or film so I don't know. I'll have a summer hiatus so maybe that's when I can do it.

    • Lauren: (about her auditions for Ruby in "Supernatural") It's actually kind of funny, because I went in playing American Ruby, and then I went back and read for Bela.

    • Lauren: (about her character in "Supernatural") My character is being brought on to compete with the boys.

    • Lauren Cohan: (on her character in "Supernatural") These characters are ass-kickers. My character, Bella, was brought on to compete with the boys. She's a mercenary, so she's out as a solo artist. She has her own agenda. She's very centered and focused on what she's doing. She has commands from people who need a lot of the same stuff the boys need, but she sells it, and she's very much about negotiating. Sparks may fly between Bella and the boys. Sparks may fly between Ruby and the boys. You'll just have to wait to find out. But, I think there's going to be some fighting, before there's ever any romance.

  • I don't know about her outside of Supernatural. But on the show her and her character just didn't do it for me.

    I was totally against Supernatural adding two female characters to season 3. But if they were gonna keep one of the two on the show it certainly shouldn't be Lauren Cohens chracter. Her chracter just didn't fit into the show and neither did she. I don't know about her work b4 Supernatural and after so I can't really comment on that or how good an actress she is. But if just going with what saw on show she is average. She wasn't the best on Supernatural thats for sure. I'm glad her chracter was killed off. With all that said I would like to check out any future roles she gets to see if it was just on Supernatural I didn't care for her.moreless
  • Lauren Cohan played the role of "Bela" on "Supernatural."

    So Supernatural added two new main cast members for their third season. One of these actors included Lauren Cohan, and the other Katie Cassidy. Lauren played Bela on the show, who was evil, manipulative, and sort of, well, a b****. She was hated by Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki), even though Sam began to have feelings for her, but thats another story. So, i have spoken that you as a viewer should feel as a third non-important party in the scene, what the main character is feeling. Dean and Sam are the main characters, and man did i hate Bela just as much as they did. This proved that the actress playing her knew what she was duing. Man did i hate Bela, and i will miss her as she was killed off. Looking forward to her future roles, and even the possibility of another appearance as Bela on Supernatural.moreless