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  • I don't know about her outside of Supernatural. But on the show her and her character just didn't do it for me.

    I was totally against Supernatural adding two female characters to season 3. But if they were gonna keep one of the two on the show it certainly shouldn't be Lauren Cohens chracter. Her chracter just didn't fit into the show and neither did she. I don't know about her work b4 Supernatural and after so I can't really comment on that or how good an actress she is. But if just going with what saw on show she is average. She wasn't the best on Supernatural thats for sure. I'm glad her chracter was killed off. With all that said I would like to check out any future roles she gets to see if it was just on Supernatural I didn't care for her.
  • Lauren Cohan played the role of "Bela" on "Supernatural."

    So Supernatural added two new main cast members for their third season. One of these actors included Lauren Cohan, and the other Katie Cassidy. Lauren played Bela on the show, who was evil, manipulative, and sort of, well, a b****. She was hated by Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki), even though Sam began to have feelings for her, but thats another story. So, i have spoken that you as a viewer should feel as a third non-important party in the scene, what the main character is feeling. Dean and Sam are the main characters, and man did i hate Bela just as much as they did. This proved that the actress playing her knew what she was duing. Man did i hate Bela, and i will miss her as she was killed off. Looking forward to her future roles, and even the possibility of another appearance as Bela on Supernatural.
  • Such a sweetheart

    I can't pretend that I liked Bela as a character; she was annoying and snobby and her accent drove me insane. However; I think Lauren is a total sweetheart.

    I got to meet her at Asylum and I was very impressed by her. She came across as a thoroughly lovely person and rather funny. I actually now feel really bad for her because she was just so nice and sweet and I really wish the Supernatural fans hadn't given her such a hard time, maybe then her character could have had a better chance of developing. I have to admit I am not so much of a Bela hater now.
  • Lauren on Supernatural :)

    Lauren plays Bela Talbot on Supernatural, the only role I've seen her in. Bela is kind of a thief who causes trouble for the Winchesters, but she helps them out sometimes, too. I think Lauren is an amazing actress--I love the way she challenges Dean on the show. And she's really pretty, which makes it more interesting to watch handsome Dean and pretty Bela battle it out. Bela is like the female Dean; the person who has the greatest comebacks and sarcastic remarks. Lauren has an English accent which I think sounds cool. So yeah, all in all, great actress! :)