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  • Lauren Cohan played the role of "Bela" on "Supernatural."

    So Supernatural added two new main cast members for their third season. One of these actors included Lauren Cohan, and the other Katie Cassidy. Lauren played Bela on the show, who was evil, manipulative, and sort of, well, a b****. She was hated by Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki), even though Sam began to have feelings for her, but thats another story. So, i have spoken that you as a viewer should feel as a third non-important party in the scene, what the main character is feeling. Dean and Sam are the main characters, and man did i hate Bela just as much as they did. This proved that the actress playing her knew what she was duing. Man did i hate Bela, and i will miss her as she was killed off. Looking forward to her future roles, and even the possibility of another appearance as Bela on Supernatural.