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  • An Actress With A lot of Promise!

    Please tell me why Lauren Collins is getting low marks by some of you all??? This girl has talent written all over her and one of many future starlets coming out. The girl can't do no wrong especially being in the new flim "Take the Lead". Plus more flim and tv roles will follow her after Degrassi, believe that. She won't be another child has been, but she will be next to the Lohans, Moores, and Duffs in the world of flim. Just give her time! And there is no doubt everyone is going to look back at Degrassi where she got her big break.
  • Lauren Collins is awesome

    I first saw her on In a Heartbeat and I loved her then. I still do to this day. She may seem like the ultimate stuck up character but I just love Paige. She plays her so true to life and I don't think Degrassi would be the same without her. I think she is absolutely gorgeous and probably the most talented person on Degrassi. I am always drawn in by her story lines and she has an interesting style. She may be a stuck up person on the show, but I just think that she has demons too and we see them over the years. She is incredibly talented.
  • One of the best actresses IMO and she deserves more publicity and some lead roles.

    I absolutely love Lauren. I fell in love with her character on Degrassi and absolutely loved her as Alicia on The Best Years as well. She just has such a way of owning each character she plays. She does a great job of tackling tough storylines and always seems to show the inner-growth of her character. I hope to see more roles for her in the future. I'd love to see her in a horror or action movie. Personally I'm tired of the same old "it girls" in Hollywood. I also agree that Ashley and Brenda are good comedic actresses, but so far I have not seen them expand their talents to other types of roles. IMO Lauren has proven that she can do it all.
  • The best actress EVER!

    I just have to say that I COMPLETELY disagree with you, littlebabie2. You are so increibley off. How is Lauren overused when all I hear about is the Disney stars?! Oh, and I'd love to know how she doesn't have the same sprinkle as Ashley and Brenda. I do not know if you are aware of this but, Ashley and Brenda hardly have to ACT. The shows they are in do not deal with the same things Lauren deals with in her shows. To be an actress, you should be able to act. Not just laugh all the time and fall once in a while. Acting is about being challenged, which is what Lauren is everyday on Degrassi. So, I'd have to say Lauren is TERRIBLEY underrated and deserves way more credit than she gets. Enough with all the Disney, I am sorry, but that is not acting. Let the true actresses shine!
  • I met her at the Altamonte Mall in Orlando Florida.

    Lauren is an all-around amazing person. She is extreamly nice, even under stressfull situations. I met her as part of a Mall Tour and she is absolutly Stunning!! We talked a little after the signing was done because me and some of my friends followed her and Stacy Farber into Ambercrombie and Fitch. She picked up a white sweater and asked if it looked good on her, I told her anything looks good on her. I hope she comes back to Florida!!
  • gorgeous of my fave actresses!

    lauren collins is definitley one of my favorite actresses! Shes super goregous & very talented! She brings so much to the character of Paige. Ive been a fan of hers since the 1st season, and ever since. Shes a fabulous actress & her role in Shout was just amazing. She definitley has talent and we should all watch for what the future brings her. She\'s gonna make it big =) So look out world! Get ready for Lauren Collins!
  • Lauren is a really cool person to be friends with..

    When i went to a mall tour thing to see lauren we exchanged email addresses and other things and have been friends ever since she is a really cool person to be friends with i hope someday you to can meet her but its hard to be her "personal" friend like me and get her email address and other personal information but keep trying maybe you'll annoy her enough lol
  • Very Talented!

    Lauren has talent. I mean talent. She should be huge. She's better than some people who are going on the big screen. I'm talkin' to you Jessica Simpson. She can definetly act. Degrassi is big thanks to all the actors. Lauren is one of them. I definetly see a light in her future. She'll be a huge star as she should be.
  • Lauren Collins is one of the best actresses on Degrassi in my opinion.

    She's really one of my favorite actresses on Degrassi. No lies. I mean, she portrays her character Paige so well, that you wouldn't nor couldn't see anyone playing as her, but Lauren. Just look at her acting skills once in a while. Especially in episodes like "Shout" or "Ghost in the Machine" you really see her pull through in the show. She deserves that perfect 10.0 because she's simply amazing. She's talented, and when you're talented you deserve the highest of the high. I really really love Lauren, and I love her acting skills in Degrassi. She rocks. Simply amazing. Nuff said.
  • The queen bee.

    I love Paige because she brings so much to the show. She started out as this rude and popular girl that always seemed to not mind hurting people to get what she wanted. As her character went through issues (getting raped, falling in love, experimenting with Alex) she became a much mroe real person and a tad bit more sympathetic towards others. She still held her alpha girl status, but she was a lot less rude and much more understanding than she used to be. Paige is sassy, smart, and sure to bring dramam to whatever episode she's in, and thats what makes her such a classic.
  • I mean, she's a good actress on Degrassi The Next Generation, but too many people would give her a 10. Degrassi is OK, but Lauren Collins is good. Just, like, average and overused.

    I mean, she's a good actress on Degrassi The Next Generation, but too many people would give her a 10. Degrassi is OK, but Lauren Collins is good. Just, like, average and overused. Well, she is good, nobody can ever say she is not a really good actress. Nobody can even say she is OK, she is good, don't get me wrong, she is a good actress, but I think too many people think she is the best thing since iPods and computers. I mean, come on. Lauren Collins is good, but I just don't think she has the extra sprinkle that Ashley Tisdale, Brenda Song, and Mischa Barton have.