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  • This is pretty much my take on Lauren Conrad. She is one of my favourite celebrities ever!

    I absolutely love L.C. aka Lauren Conrad! I was a big fan of hers and Lo Bosworth's when they were on Laguna and now also that they are on The Hills.

    I love Lauren's fashion sense! I'd totally raid her wardrobe if I could! I kind of see her as an inspiration for myself. She's not just a pretty face either. Lauren is a very intelligent girl and that's a rarity to find in L.A.

    I'm impressed that she and Lo have stayed friends after all these years. I think Audrina is a really good friend to Lauren too. Heidi would've been a good friend if she didn't have Spencer influencing her all the time.

    I hope Lauren's fashion career develops more because she really has talent and i'm actually just about to start reading her book "L.A. Candy".
  • Paid lot of attention to detailing.

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  • Lauren Conrad, a beautiful, young, talented, ambitious girl with the world at her feet. From her humble beginning on Laguna Beach to her conquering the fashion world in The Hills; she has us laughing and crying with her as she lives her charmed life.

    Lauren Conrad is a great girl. The hills works really well because it is part reality, and part fiction. We all know that a lot of what happens is part planned (i.e when the producers know that Heidi is downstairs at a club and Lauren will run into her if they take her a certain way), but the drama and emotions that follow are real. Lauren is a great role model, she is definitely someone to aspire to be like, as apposed to another reality star like Paris Hilton. Lauren has ambition and drive, and she is definitely making a name for herself in the fashion world. She is just a lovely girl, who sincerely loves her family and friends and wants them all to be happy.
  • ... the hills. i dont care if its fake.

    even if it is fake, or "re-filmed" or "set up" whatever. its good tv! better than half the crap thats openly scripted. i`ll definitely miss the hills... and lauren, after this season. 5 already?! i`m pretty sure ive got my "TEAM LC" shirt last year from mtv in new york. screw speidi. they deserve each other. LC is like... 3256456x better than those two fools. although they do make the show interesting. i hope she does well - she has already, theres no denying it. even if she did come out of no where/reality-tv-land, who gives a crap?! shes fabulous. and personally, i like her style & designs. even if i cant afford them haha.
  • You have to love Lauren Conrad!

    When I first heard the name Lauren Conrad was when I watched an episode of Laguna Beach. I instantly liked her, she was sweet beautiful and relatable. Her problems with Stephen is what made me like her, I felt sorry for her, she, like many other girls had guy problems and it just showed that she was a normal human like the rest of us. After Laguna Beach I decided to watch her show The Hills, and thank god I did, I feel in love with it. I admired Laurens courage of being able to move to a big city by herself and follow her dreams of wanting to become a fashion designer. I love the drama that is on The Hills. Lauren seems like really nice and genuine person who went through a lot on The Hills, with her loosing Heidi and her boy problems. You can't help but like her. Another reason why I like Lauren is her fashion sense the clothes that she wears are really nice, just my style, so when she started her own clothing line I couldn't wait to see her designs. I think that she is a very talented fashion designer, and overall a really nice person.
  • What has American television come to?!?!

    This is rediculous, she shouldn't even be on this list! She's not a celebrity, she don't do anything and people want to call her talented. What is she so talented at! I swear, you put anything on tv and people will eat it up. I should make my own show about myself living in my house, **** with all my friends, make up drama and i'll make lots of money! MTV needs to quit all these stupid meaningless shows about everyday people doing everyday stuff. This is rediculous, she's not a celeb and as far as im concerned she's my next door neighbor!
  • The star of The Hills.

    Lauren Conrad stars in the "faux-reality" MTV series 'The Hills.' After being a part of Laguna Beach, LC continues to take part in reality television. Lauren has many friends and few enemies but one of biggest enemies is her ex-best friend, Heidi Montag. After Heidi's boyfriend, Spencer, spread rumors about LC being in a sex tape, Lauren and Heidi had a falling out and have bearly talked to each other since. In the most recent season of The Hills, LC's good friends include Audrina, Lo, and her co-worker/best friend, Whitney. She was also on/off dating Brody Jenner but the relationship never really took off. At the end of season three of The Hills, Lauren finds herself single and living with Audrina and Lo.
  • Lauren Conrad was born on February 1st, 1986 to Jim and Kathy Conrad in Laguna Beach, California in the United States. Lauren is the eldest of 3 children and has a younger sister named Breanna and a younger brother.

    Lauren is a great girl that people try to take advantage off. she works in Teen Vogue and goes to school in The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising or FIDM. she has a pursuing a career in Fashion Design. Her life is there of all of the world to see.They show from her best days to her bad days.Ofter so much time behind cameras i guess we can all hear a pis of her life.There will all ways be hard and easy chooses for her like for anyone else.Life is life and she just whats to share hers on tv.
  • Lauren Conrad is so amzing !!

    lauren conrad is amazing !!! shes original and talented. On top of that shes pretty and beautiful. shes my idol and she is me and my friends idols. shes originally from laguna beach: the real orange county but now she has her own show, the hills !!! lauren conrad has been through alot actualy, and shes not some b!tchy spoiled brat. shes lost her best friends and boyfriends and been through alot of break ups but that doesnt stop her from being a realy good person , the person she is now. shes a wonderful role model and im glad i watched laguna beach or i wouldnt even know about her !!! shes like totaly inspired me to become a fashion designer or work for teen vogue too !!! lol. i love her, shes totaly amzing !!
  • I really do believe that Lauren is a great girl, she shows talent in what she wants in life, at her age and alone in a big city. She has her head on straight and she has alot to contribute to a frienship.

    Thank god she is no longer friends with such a awful girl Heidi that is only poisen in her life. Heidi is a two face and she will never contribute anything to Laurens life but misery. I dont know what planet Heidi is coming from but is not earth, she so lied to Lauren about: 1. She totally set Jen up with Brody, telling her in the bathroom that Brody likes her and that she should go for it. This all happen at Jens b-day celebration, but when Lauren confronted Heidi she said she had not idea what was going on. 2. When Lauren confronted her about the rumors, i take it that it did happen and Lauren only told Heidi about it. So when it was out in a rumor Lauren knew who exactly to go to, and again she denied it, but the last episode as childish as Heidi & spencer was to make such childish remarks to Jason and Lauren, Hiedi once again stated that they were in the "movie makin business agian". She is so jealous of Lauren, it is so obvious. Heidi wishes she was a great as Lauren, having all her **** together. Let the virus Heidi go Lauren and live free and your life with all the great friend that have stuck by you. Heidi will hand up jobless, manless, and probably back at home with her parents, who knows pregnant. lollll. Hang tight and take care, hold your head up high when you see Heidi and Spencer and laugh at them, they are so not together, mentally. They are nobody's, and never will be.
  • amazing.

    Lauren Conrad is one of my personal faborite young person out there today. She is not like most people in hollywood, althought she does get into drama, I think that she handles herslef in a very sophistacated manner. I love her show The Hills, but I do not like how she is getting hurt all the time by guys. Lauren is one of my role models, and I think she probably is to most other people. Sje is ambisous, and can teach people a lot. I can't wait until she gets her fashion line out there, because I know that I will be definatly checking it out.
  • Is cute and pretty, but also is a great actress and should continue on what she is doing.

    Lauren was born on February 1st, 1986 to Jim and Kathy Conrad in Laguna Beach, California in the United States. Lauren is the eldest of 3 children and has a younger sister named Breanna and a younger brother. Lauren's father is an architect and her mother runs her father's business.

    Lauren has been immersed in the wealth of Laguna Beach. While in High School, she and her friends spent their time tanning, shopping, and searching for attractive boys. She signed on a role on MTV's Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County in her last year on High School and starred in Season 1 and 2.

    Lauren enjoys designing fashion and attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco for one semester before transferring to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.

    Since moving to Los Angeles from Laguna Beach, she has her own spin-off series called The Hills which also airs on MTV. Lauren is now an intern at Teen Vogue Magazine in Los Angeles.

    Lauren currently resides in Los Angeles.
  • LC is so awesome!!!

    I loved Lauren on Laguna Beach she was so cool she seemed to never loose her cool well atleast not as bead as I owuld have expessically with Kristin. I hated that her and Steven didnt date but when her and Jason started dating I was so happy they made a good couple I didnt think they would last as long as they did through the 2nd season of Laguna and the hills. I was so happy when I heard that Lauren was going to have her own show (the hills) I didnt think it was going to be as good as Laguna and it really wasnt but it was so cool. I mean we got to see how dramatic Laurens life really is I mean she left the dramatic Laguna and still was able to go to L.A. and make another hit reality show. I'm so happy for Lauren and I hope that she keeps following her dream of becoming a fashion designer because I bet she would be awesome!!
  • Lauren continues to show young people that regardless of your back ground it is the choices you make that make you who you are.

    I really like this young lady. Lauren is an excellent role model for young people. She has shown young adults that even the rich need to make their own way in the world. She surrounds herself with great friends, and in kind is seemingly a good friend as well. Lauren has proven time and time again that she is a class act. I wish she was more careful with her heart, but she will learn in due time. Like she said, love is not a maybe thing. I hope to see more of her as she continues her journey through adulthood
  • LC is one of my idols, but I reali wish she wld pick her relationships more better. Jason, Heidi? Whats with that? Nd theres sumthn abt Whitney lol...o nd I L U V her fashion.

    LC is one of my idols, but I reali wish she wld pick her relationships more better. Jason, Heidi? Whats with that? Nd theres sumthn abt Whitney lol...o nd I L U V her fashion.

    Nd isnt she actuali brn on February 1? Im confused cuz sum sites say January 20 nd others say February 1...if it is February 1 thats 2 days b4 my bday LC is gr8 but she has bad problems with boyfriends...she dsnt hav 1 in ages falls 4 Stephen (hes a jackass) falls 4 Jason (hes a jackass) this is proven when he kisses his ex-gf nd then she dumps him nd gets bak with him! He dsnt deserve her. I mean, the last ep of The Hills proved that. He jst cnt b with her. He dsnt reali luv her. Its alll 4 the cameras in my opinion.
  • great show

    She has made come back on her new show \"The Hills\". She should Break up with JASON! BOO BOO! he is so mean and disrescpecful to her! how RUDE she should leave him! he SUCKS! the only reason he hooked up with is because he wanted to be \"in\"!or on a shoe but now she is making IT! in the fashion industry
  • GET NEW FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just watched the first episode of the Hills I used to be a fan of Lauren but after this show all I have to say is she is a dumb girl and her friend Heidi and her friends are jerks Heidi needs a lesson in being an adult (why would you even think about putting your friends job at risk) and for you Lauren I would have fired you from your internship on the spot you had pretty simple instructions and you failed horribly. I think you need new friends!!! maybe one with at least half a brain.
  • Lauren "L.C." Conrad is such a talented person on Laguna Beach! She's so flirty and looks sooooo hot with guys!! her personality is my fav!!!!!!! who could get any better than L.C.?????

    Lauren "L.C." Conrad is the complete best!!!!!! She is so flirty and fabulous and looks sooooo cute with guys!!!!! Sometimes you wish you were with her right at that moment!! She is my abusolute best role model yet!!!! I wish I was Lauren "L.C." Conrad! She is the absoulute best ladie ever and i think she is soooo beautiful, and flirty, and fun, and exciting, and georgous, and nothing could be better than Lauren "L.C." Conrad!!!!!!!!All the people in Laguna that are my fav's are: Kirsten, Morgan, Taylor, Talan, Jason, Adam, Lo, and Steven!!!!!! If i missed somebody I am So So So So So So So So So Sorry!!!!!!!! Watch Laguna Beach: The Hills this Summer On MTV!!!! It's the Besst Show ever Especially With Lauren "L.C." Conrad!!!!!!!!!
  • LC was on the hit MTV show Laguna Beach Seasons 1 and 2. During season one, she was the main character, a senior in high school and caught in a love triangle with Steven and Kristen. At the end of season 2, she was headed off to LA.

    LC is a very well-rounded person. Yes, she has her obvious spoiled brat side to her, but she doesn't spot the bratty part as much as some of her co-stars. She is very much in love with three things: boys (primarily Steven or Jason), fashion, and helping others. She combined the three into a fashion show to help raise money for fammilies that suffered in a mudslide near to their community. I think it is wonderful what she is doing for herself and for others. I hope she does well in Los Angeles and makes a wonderful life for herself. She deserves it!
  • L.C. rocks!!!

    L.C. is definitely the best in all of laguna beach. she\'s like so talented and gorgeous and nice and everything. i think she deserves better. she\'s way better than kristin. even her style is way better than kristin. and what\'s more important is that she\'s not mean to people. at least she doesn\'t fight with kristin. i don\'t get why kristin should get all the fame. i mean, really. she\'s a total rotten spoiled **** she totally doesn\'t deserve it. kristin may be more famous but I think people like L.C. better. she\'s definitely my fave on the show. rock on L.C.!!!=)
  • Lauren Conrad is so smart, intelligent, and outstanding. She has one of the most beautiful looks on Laguna Beach.While watching Laguna Beach I often noticed that Lauren loved to dress to impress. All of her clothes are so gorgeous. I wish I had an wardrob

    Lauren Conrad is so smart, intelligent, and outstanding. She has one of the most beautiful looks on Laguna Beach.While watching Laguna Beach I often noticed that Lauren loved to dress to impress. All of her clothes are so gorgeous. I wish I had an wardrobe like that. But shes great.
  • i identify myself with lauren conrad

    i live in brazil and i enjoy watching the show, because i identy myself with some characters, especially with lauren conrad. I like being well-dressed, going shopping... Here in Brazil, the second season is on air, but i don´t like it as much i liked the season 1, because i identify myself with the chacarters of season 1.
  • Hi my name is Stephanie, I have always watched Laguna Beach frome the beginning and I love how L.C. just wanted to persue her dream in fashion designing,that's what I also want to be. She reminded me to be myself not to be a person who I am not.

    My name is Stephanie. I love how Lauren was a trendsetter for me anyways! I also loved her house I mean it's like HUGE haha. But besides that I think she should of went for Stephen when she had the chance because he is a nice guy. Plus that other dude I 4get his name but he smokes but oh well that's over with. I want to be a fashion designer just like her because I have always loved to make a new trend and all that good stuff! I love her hair too! Omg (oh my gosh) it's like hecka pretty! Well I would love to meet her because she seems like a very fun person to chill with.

    Stephanie Pierini
  • Lauren is very much gorgeous and charming !!!! definitely my favoutite

    Lauren is no. 1 girl in the world!! awesome !!
    I really really weant to meet her in personal, can anybody help me??
    i love her since the very first time i saw her
    in Mtv's Laguna Beach show, it's like love at first sight!!
    she's very classy and really nice person, i can see it in her eyes
  • Love to Get an Autograph !!!

    SUp L.C. ? If you ever happen to read this stuff, I just wanted to say, Hey. You are gorgeous and very huggable. I\'m from Frisco and would absolutely love to meet uo for a bite to eat, or perhaps just an autograph, it would be so flippin sweet. I\'ll even draw ya a Liger, or show ya some of my bow staff skillz. LoL. :O) Later
  • LC is awesome. She has an amazing sense of style. She also seems like such a sweetheart & real down to earth.

    LC is awesome. If it wasn\'t for her or Lo I wouldn\'t have watched Laguna Beach. She seems like such a sweetheart. She also has a great sense of style. I honestly can\'t wait until her new show \"The Hills\" starts. It\'ll be interesting to see her in a different place other than Laguna.
  • im jorge from venezuela im24y.o no speak english but iwould said that lc is the girl more beutifull on laguna beach and the all planet, iwant to meet in person my email piphion81

    im jorge from venezuela im24y.o no speak english but iwould said that lc is the girl more beutifull on laguna beach and the all planet, iwant to meet in person my email piphion81 if some else talk spanish: quisiera conocerla o hablar con ella soy su admirador dede venezuela muchos besos
  • LC rocks!!..she's fab.!!

    i love lauren she's a great girl and i think she had a mayor or the mayor part in laguna 4 me!!!
    (i luv laguna beach!!)
    LC was my fave girl in LB
    and i also think that stephen doesn't see the graet girl she is just for being always inlove with the b**th of kristen!!
    thank god lauren forgot him!
  • She won me over in the first season of Laguna Beach.

    Even though Stephen and Kristin were together all of season one, you couldn't help but to root for LC because you know how much it hurt her not to be with Stephen. I was happy when she started dating Jason because she hadn't been happy in awhile and it showed how strong she was about the whole Stephen situation. I'm disappointed that he blatantly cheated on her, and that she forgave him, but I hope her the best. I love how loving she is around Dieter, Lo and Stephen and she never seemed spoiled. You could tell how dedicated and hardworking she was and that she was going somewhere in life.
  • The girl who has it all. But proves you cant get everything... cause no matter what she does.. she can't get Stephen.. *ahem*

    Lc is a trendstter. Everyone @ online communities went crazy trying to get their hands on the Melie Blanco white Hobo Bag she so often used in Season 1.

    She wears casual clothes.. she's never overdressed. but she can glam it up when she needs to be. she seems loving.. driven.. Not nosy. real classy and sophisticted.. totally unlike *ahem*

    plus whatta' a gorgeous house!

    Some people from Laguna Beach itself claim she, lo, jenn and all the girls in their group are really stuck up. They wont talk to you unless theyre ur friends...

    soo what?! at least they're not fake., They dont pretend to be all nice and sweet. the most important thing is ur true to ur friends. heck with others

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