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  • This is pretty much my take on Lauren Conrad. She is one of my favourite celebrities ever!

    I absolutely love L.C. aka Lauren Conrad! I was a big fan of hers and Lo Bosworth's when they were on Laguna and now also that they are on The Hills.

    I love Lauren's fashion sense! I'd totally raid her wardrobe if I could! I kind of see her as an inspiration for myself. She's not just a pretty face either. Lauren is a very intelligent girl and that's a rarity to find in L.A.

    I'm impressed that she and Lo have stayed friends after all these years. I think Audrina is a really good friend to Lauren too. Heidi would've been a good friend if she didn't have Spencer influencing her all the time.

    I hope Lauren's fashion career develops more because she really has talent and i'm actually just about to start reading her book "L.A. Candy".