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  • Great real person.

    Funny. Beautiful.
  • Lorelei Forever!

    She is such a great actress and Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite all time shows! I wish that show could have gone on forever! Alas it did not and now we have her on Parenthood!
  • empty

    Lauren Graham is probably one of the most talented and beautiful actresses on TV this day. She was perfect in Gilmore Girls, sadly she has not recieve enough attention in her movie credits, though I must admit that I enjoyed Bad Santa and Evan Almighty (to some degree). She is quite funny and charismatic in her interviews, and she seems to be enjoying what she is doing. She is one great actress.
  • she plays lorelai gilmore on gilmore girls and plays bestfriends with her daughter rory. and alwasy in fights with her mother emily. and she lives in the infamous stars hollow and ends up falling in love with the diner owner luke danes. w/ many problems..

    she is an incredible actress and the most talented person i think ive ever seen. she portrays lorelai soo well and i dont think the show would have been possible w/ out her! she is soo incredibley talented and really has inspired me to be a great actor too when i grow up. she really is so talented and really fabulous at her job. lorelai gilmore is truly a VERY eccentric character and lauren graham is soo good so its very easy to believe that she really is her! and she is soooooooo funny and hilarious!!!!!!!!! she can make you cry with one look and shes got such humor and talent. shes really a great role model andd i totally lok up to her!! shes my idol and i really love to watch her cause shes soooo entertaining! i would really love to be as good as her someday!!!!!!! lauren graham is totally and completly great at what she does!!
  • Best known for her role as "Lorelai Gilmore" on the WB/CW hit "Gilmore Girls" which ran from October 2000 until May 2007. Lauren has also had a starring role in such movies as "Bad Santa", "Evan Almighty" and the upcoming "Flash of Genius".

    Lauren is perhaps one of the greatest comedians our generation has seen. I could easily compare her to the likes of Lucille Ball for example. Known for her fast talking and quirky, banter-like talking style, she has perhaps some of the best comic timing I have personally ever witnessed onscreen. As an avid "Gilmore Girls" fan, she made the show what it was. Her character "Lorelai Gilmore" was strong, sophisticated, hilarious, and fragile and emotional when need be. She is truly versatile, and I hope that we see much more of Lauren in the years to come. A true talent like her doesn't happen everyday..
  • Lauren Helen Graham was born March 16, 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall. She grew up in northern Virginia with her dad Larry. Her mom, Donna left her family when Lauren was 5 to pursue a singing career.

    I think Lauren is an amazing actress. She is one of my idols, so is her character Lorelai in Gilmore Girls. I don't think they could've gotten anyone better for that role. I think its ironic that both Lauren and Lorelai have bad relationships with their mothers. I also think its cool that she used to be the dork in school who was in band and had braces and wild hair, and still turned out to be a famous, talented actress. She gives people a lot of hope. She seems very down to earth too. She' is one of my favorite actresses.
  • Love love love!!

    Lauren Graham is amazing!! i love all of her work . . . Gilmore Girls was my alltime favorite show the way she was able to talk so fast and good made her Lorelai Gilmore!! I have all the season and i bought them right when they came out! I've watched every episode at least 10 times!

    The movie Because i said so was also a great movie . . . i bought it right when it came out!

    I also cant wait for the movie Birds of America with Matthew Perry to watch i really want it . . . it looks really good!
  • Lauren Graham is one of the most talented, yet sadly reatively undiscovered actresses acting on Hollywood today. Her unparralled persona makes her an undeniable pleasure to watch.

    Lauren Graham is an unbelieveably talented actress who has captured theinterest of countless views accross the globe. Her unique style, personality and look, makes Ms. Graham a truly inspiring idividual. Her work on the show, Gilmore Girls, is something utterly remarakable. She has created a charcter all of her own, someone who seems to live and laugh among us in the real world. Lorelai Gilmore is a witty, funy, and beautiful character who Lauren has given an unmistakable and spectacular identity. Her work in larger films such as Evan Almighty, and Because I Said So, is also an extraordinary demonstartion of her talent. Lauren Graham is a genuinely multi-facted actress who I hope to see continue her success for years to come.
  • One of the most beautiful, talented and funny actresses of the moment

    Lauren Graham is one of my favorite actresses.I didn't known her until I saw Gilmore Girls,but I immediately became a big fan.She's not only beautiful , but also extremely talanted.I can't imagine another person making Lorelai's character but her.She does de fast talking with such grace and fun that almost seems easy. Since I've became a fan I saw her other works, and also liked it , but definitely her best role was as Lorelai Gilmore .I think she's better on comedy genre, because the way she talks, the looks that she does, as well as the faces, make it impossible not to laugh. I'm looking forward to see her in another show very soon.
  • Lauren Graham is the most beautiful and talented person I have ever seen on t.v. She has the ability to talk faster than any actress and even though she is 40 years old, she looks amazing!

    I've always wanted to be an actress. Of course, my romodel is lauren graham. She is gorgeous and extremely talented. Once she is signed to be a chracter, she truly is that character. She steps out of her own shoes and becomes that character. There is nothing I dont love about Lauren Graham. She is my favorite actress, as well as my romodel, and she is in my favorite show so really she is just my all-around favorite. I want to be just like her one day because she is great at what she does and she is dedecated. She's not conceited because she has money but she acts because its what she loves to do. Although I have never met her personally, I already love her for the person she is. I always think "What would Lauren say" or "What would Lauren do?" because she is wise and amazing. She has been and always will be the person I look up to as well as the person who gives me the courage to stand up for everything I believe in. She gives me the wisdom and strength to achieve my dreams and fortunately, my dream is to be just like her.
  • An amazing actor.

    Lauren Graham has to be on of my favorite actor. Everything that she has been in I have loved. From movies to tv shows. I first cam to know her when watching Gilmore Girls. I loved her witty banter, and how she always had something funny to say. I don't think they could have picked a better person for the job. In the interview Ive read from her, she seems like she has a down to earth and funny personality. If there is one person that is famose I would have to say that Lauren Graham is my role model, and I can't wait to see other works by her.
  • Amzingly excellent in everthing I've seen.

    Lauren Graham is one of my role models. She is an amazing actor and from what I can tell has a fantastic personality. I think that she is funny and charming but definetely not the annoyingly funny that some actors become. She is someone i look up to becasue we have many similarities. I love her quote "Personally all I want to wear are jeans" because thats the same way I am. Her acting in Gilmore Girls is superb. She always hits the spot dead on with her expression and sometimes voices (her Dean voice in "Run Away Little Boy"). She has a perfect timing in her lines and she always brightens my day with her random trains of thought that if you know wher it came from it is funny. Overall a fantastic actress.
  • She's so great and funny, on screen and off

    I love Lauren Graham. She's brilliant, and so funny. She's in a way, just like her character Lorelai. I saw her on the Ellen show, and she was playing the piano and singing a song. I think it's on youtube, and it was so funny. She's just atomatically funny, and she doesn't have to try. A great personality, and seems so fun to be around. I would love to meet her one day. I think she should win an emmy for her role, and in the Kid's Choice awards, she would definatly have my wannabe vote! She's an amazing person, and a great actress. !!!!!!LAUREN GRAHAM ROCKS!!!!!!
  • Oy, with the poodles, already!

    okay, why underrated? cuz she did an amazing job playing the most complicated woman on tv, aka Lorelai Gilmore, she played the part for 7 years, fans loved her role, critic loved her role, everybody loved her role as Lorelai Gilmore, and what? the show is over, and she didnt get that stupid Emmy! okay, but she doent need the Emmy right? cuz we know that she is great and that she stands out from the rest... okay i just wanted to say that this poor woman is extremly underrated, but this thing is asking me for 100 words... and i already made them.. so.... :D
  • Lauren starred as Lorelai along with her co-star Alexis (Rory) on the hit-show, Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)

    Lauren Graham is a very talented actress and also one of my favorites. She did a really, really, really good job with her role of Lorelai on Gilmore Girls. She really knew how to connect with Rory and really made the whole show more exciting, the show would be nothing like it is today if it wasnt for her. She really knew how to make Lorelai's character lovable and seem like a real person with a real life, real family and PLENTY of REAL drama that went on in her life. She is defiatly one of my role models and she is a person that you can easily look up too.
  • She is amazing!

    When i started watching the Gilmore girls it was Lauren that got me hooked. The other actors pale in comparison. Her comic timing is amazing nearly everything she says makes me laugh. I have seen her interviewed and she is just as hysterical in real life. She deservses awards and lots of them. I hope after Evan Almighty we will get to see her in many more films. However nothing can beat the amazing way she portrayed Lorelai Gilmore. She is simply an amazing actress. She can pull of the serious moments just aswell as the funny ones. She is a talent and my favourite actress!
  • Too many classifications for Lauren Graham. She's talented, original, she should definitely be a bigger star...and she's funny!! What more could you ask for?

    I watched "Gilmore Girls" from the Pilot until the last episode. While I loved the show, I truely enjoyed watched Lauren Graham portray Lorelai Gilmore with a freshness television hadn't seen in a long time. I'm sure it wasn't easy all time, since Graham's character was crazy (in a good way), talked incredibly fast, and lived for coffee. If you didn't pay attention, chances of you missing something hiliariously funny increased exponentially. Yet it seemed as though Graham was Lorelai. The two were actually the same person; Graham living through Lorelai almost. What really amazed me though was that Lorelai had interaction with everyone, which meant Lauren Graham had to be that fast paced for several years in almost every scene, yet she only got better. She interacted with many people and each time she brought wit and charm. In interviews you see that Graham is funny anyways, so you see that it really is Lauren Graham coming through in some aspects of Lorelai. While yes, "Gilmore Girls" is just a television show, viewers might sometimes forget to draw the line that at the end of the day, Lauren Graham was just Lauren Graham. That, to me, is the mark of an incredible actress. She pulled off funny, sad, and everything in between and was completely believable. Between everything that happened between Lorelai and her parents, Lorelai and Rory, and especially Lorelai and Luke, viewers felt the emtions as if they were their own (at least this viewer did). Now that "Gilmore Girls" has ended, I am anxious to see what Ms. Graham has to offer through movie roles. After pulling off Lorelai Gilmore for seven years without, hopefully, any problems, movies should be a breeze. Keep an eye out of Lauren Graham-she's bound to get noticed ONE of these days.
  • great actress. even greater personality.

    lauren graham is not only a wonderful actress, she is one of the funniest people on television. lauren is an extraordinary comedy actress. i could not see anyone playing the role as lorelai gilmore other than her. lauren is also very intelligent. she is hilarious to watch durring interviews. witty and charming. it seems like sometimes she has a mild case of ADD but it is extremely funny. she kind of reminds me of her character on gilmore girls the way she says some of the most random things that will throw you off for a second. beautiful, funny, smart. the total package for a brilliant actor.
    - bevin
  • I love Lauren

    I love Lauren Graham she is a great actress. I love her on Gilmore Girls. She is so funny. I have watched movies just because she was in them. Like Lucky 13 and Bad Santa. I also want to watch Because I said so because she is in it. I can't wait to watch Evan Almighty. I think she is going to be great. She was funny in Pacifire. But she acts the best in Gilmore Girls. Her jokes and her fast talking is what makes Gilmore Girls. I will watch any movie that she is in. I love Lauren.
  • Lauren is a wonderful actress!

    I think that Lauren is one of the best actresses in Hollywood! She is so talented and she just makes it feel like she is right there in the room with you when she is acting! She is beautiful and she is very talented! I thought she did a very good job in Because I Said So!
    In Gilmore Girls she brings all of her wittyness into the character Lorelai! Lorelai is just like Lauren! On every interview that I have seen of Lauren Graham she seems like she would be just like Lorelai and I think that is why she ended up being Lorelai because she is just like her! Lauren Graham is an incredible actress!
  • Hollywood's most intelligent actress

    I might have chosen 'underrated' as a classification instead of 'one of the all-time greats', because Lauren Graham has not received any major award for her acting, yet. She seems to have been well respected in the business even before finally taking off with her role in the Gilmore Girls, and I am sure the networks are now competing hard to sign her up, but my opinion is that we do have one of the all-time greats in front of us here. The way she developed the character of Lorelai Gilmore in the seven series of the show, giving it more and more depth, pursuing her changing relationships with men while struggling with the problems caused by the combination of being a very young and rebellious mother of a highly gifted, but also stunningly attractive teenage daughter and having all sorts of problems that are basically a consequence of her getting pregnant at the age of 16, leaving home and working things out all on her own. Watching all this you simply forgot that this was an actress pretending to lead the complicated life of a highly intelligent woman with a very complex character, Lauren Graham never lost it for a second, never dropped a single thread among all those many types of relationships that kept getting entangled in the course of the show.

    If you had seen her on earlier sitcoms or even in a number of (at best) second-rate movies you might not have guessed she had it in her, but anyone who has followed the Gilmore Girls knows there is potential for serious drama here. Of course Lauren Graham is excellent for comedy, she has a way with words, is fast-moving, can deliver the punchline at the right split of the second, but there is much more. it was visible enough on the Gilmore Girls, especially in the last 3 series, but I would like to see what she could do with a first-class serious drama-script and a top-notch cast around her. I do hope she will decide she no longer needs to accept work unless the show or the film is top quality; I have seen her in too many mediocre film productions ... And she should refrain from trying to play low-class characters, there is a limit to what the art of acting can achieve. Some actors have bodies and faces that will allow them to play anything, Lauren Graham is not one of them. You can tell she is highly intelligent and that a lot is going on in that brain behind that face, and you can tell more and more that she 'comes from a good family'. She should not look upon that as a limitation to her artistic possibilities that she has to fight. Character acting is not about being a human chameleon without a character of your own.

    I hear some people compare Lauren Graham to Katherine Hepburn. I believe they are on the right track. Katherine Hepburn - at least in my view - held the title of 'most intelligent Hollywood actress' for many decades, this was true of her as a person and it was characteristic of her performances as an actress, her choise of roles, etc. Lauren Graham has all the makings to become that kind of star and take over the crown if she chooses her steps wisely. I am confident that she will, so let us hope we have decades of excellent work from Hollywood's most intelligent actress of our time ahead of us!
  • Lauren is a really great actress and is charming.

    In her role on the show "Gilmore Girls", Lauren plays the scenes perfectly. She's a great actress, and knows how to play the role she's given. The show wouldn't be as good as it is, if it wasn't for Lauren. She should be in more shows and movies, as she is "under-used". Graham is a great person, and she doesn't act like a spoiled rich woman, which makes her more intresting, and the more easy to love. Anyone who thinks she is the best knows what I'm saying. Lauren Graham is one of my favortite actors/actresses.
  • A charming and original actor, one of my most favorite.

    A current G.G. addict, I think that the show's star is Lauren Graham. She is Lorelai Gilmore, on screen and off. I have seen her in other roles but she shines in G.G. I love her personality, a bit ditzy at times on her talk show appearances, but down to earth and always up to make you laugh. She's classy and yet a bit kooky. I think she would do well as a stand up comedian. She also delivers the more dramatic moments of Gilmore girls perfectly. I can't wait to see what roles she takes on in the future.
  • Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore, the girl in Bad Santa and Maggie in Because I Said so can capture the hearts of many and is absolutely one of the best actresses in the biz.

    It seams to me that regardless of what she is playing, she always seams to shine. Even though Gilmore Girls ahs been receiving some bad reviews, the actress still does an amazing job. She is so talented and I really appreciate all the work she does. In her most recent movie, Because I said so, I was so incredibly impressed with her suttle comedy. Her character wasn't the wise cracking comic, but she was the innocently funny, and I'm not saying innocent as in a goody goody. She is by far one of my favorite actresses today. And now, I think she has revamped Gilmore Girls a bit as a producer on the show. I will continue to follow her even if the writing turns sour on Gilmore Girls
  • Top 10 best actresses!

    Lauren Graham has by far topped the top 10 list of best actresses! She has done many movies, more than I can name. Some movies she has done include: The Pacifier, Because I Said So, and many others! My favorite role played by Lauren Graham is Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls! This is the wittiest show ever, and it makes it complete with Lauren Graham. The show is so long, that the actors and actresses have to talk very fast, and Lauren Graham can pull that off no problem! By far, Lauren Graham is the wittiest of the witty! She deserves a round of applause!
  • empty

    Lauren Graham is really a talented actress, especially when it comes to comedy. She has really nailed the role of Lorelai Gilmore on television's "The Gilmore Girls." In every role she really makes you believe that she actually is the character she's portraying. This sense of realism is what makes her really stand out above the masses of the rest of actresses today. My favorite movie of her's is "Bad Santa."
  • Lauren Graham is a fantastic actress I love watching her, especially in her role as Lorelai, I love this character she is everything that every woman in world should want to be, funny charming and loads of fun. I beleive she has got to be Lorelai always,

    It is hard to believe that she could be any different thatn her character. She is just so at ease with it. She is so funny. I can totally identify with her charcater. She loves her daughter and spends as much time with her as she can and they are like the best freinds that a mother and daughter could ever be. She is the fixer in town. she is very good at fixing problems and doing the very day stuff that a lot of people can even begin to do. She is an eveyr day person who can fit in in any situation. She can carry it all off, the rock concert patron and a formal dinner with the gilmore srs. This is the best character for women to identify with. She makes mistakes and and she takes care of them she does her best at being honest with people about things without hurting them. I just feel the character has a lot of class. I think that Lauren does a fantastic job.
  • Lauren is an amazing actress and a beautiful person inside and out.

    Lauren Graham is an amazing and talented actress who happens to also be beautiful. Watching her on 'Gilmore Girls', makes me want to be more independent and fun. I have seen her act on screen as a sidekick girlfriend to Billy Bob Thorton in 'Bad Santa', and a principle/girlfriend in 'The Pacifier'. I vaguely remember her on the tv show 'Townies'. I think they could give her much better roles. However, I do think that she did very well as those characters, but this incredible actress needs a role with more flavor.Maybe like her role on 'Gilmore Girls'.
  • A wonderful actress.

    I first saw Lauren in the Gilmore Girls and I became a big fan of the show. You can tell that she gives her all in every episode of the show and she also does a wonderful job potraying Lorelai. I have also seen her in a few other thing besides the Gilmore Girls and she did a wonderful job in those roles as well. Evan though she did not have a big role in the movie Bad Santa I thought that she was one of the best parts of that movie. I just can not wait to see what else she does in the future because i know she would do a great job in whatever it is.
  • Stunning with talent

    What's not to love about her, after seeing her in interviews and poker games as herself it seams she is a lot like her character Lorelai Gilmore.
    Also she is really funny, gorgeous and very talented.
    I would really like to see her in some bigger movies.
    It's not an impressive list of movies she has done in the past, but she has played her roles very well.
    We will all have to wait and see what will happen after Gilmore Girls.
    One thing is certain; we have not seen the last of her.
    And i'm looking forward to see her in "Because I Said So".
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