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  • Can she act?

    sortof. She was good in "Dragon the bruce lee story".
  • Love!!!

    I love Lauren Holly!! I really wished that they didn't kill her off on NCIS... :(
  • Should had been a bigger star

    Lauren Holly is a star in her own right IMO
    She doesn't need Jim Carrey's coattaisl to lean on as
    Really she is talented, beautiful, and also a great actress when I saw her on Picket Fences and the movie Dragon the Bruce Lee story!
    Glad that she is back on regular series tv
    Hope that she will be on NCIS for a long time to come.
  • Lauren Holly needs to stop trying to still the lime light, and just get off the show!!!

    she is the most untalented person ive ever seen, and if you disagree, we need to talk! she would be better off on csi! why cant she just get fired or something?! ncis is the best show ever and the only bad things are, shes on it and so is that cornell mann hands charactor! and her porky pine hair cut last season, dont even get me started! its so ugly, and then theres that stupid pairs flashback?! whats that about? it ruinied my love of pairs!!! oh and shes probably gay why is she in any movies, or anything, its just killing me and everyone else!!!! i could on forever, but i dont really like to think about lauren buttplug holly!!!
  • I'm FIRMLY...on the fence!

    Other than in the tabloid news I have only ever seen Lauren Holly on NCIS, so its on the basis of the character of Director Jenny Shepard (?sp) alone that I have the limited ability to "review" her.
    I was not a fan of the character for the most part. There were some small and infrequent moments when I felt like her character mattered in the larger picture (or maybe a strong cast just carried her in those moments, I don't know), but basically, the show could have done without her regular presence.
    What might have made this character more of a "fit" for lack of a better description, would have been some subtlety. But I got tired of the in your face coquettishness. "Jenny", and her past with Gibbs, should have been more in subtext...we would still have gotten the point about the two of them, as well as who "Jenny" was and why.
    The character didn't really bother me, but didn't matter to me either. Do I miss her? Nope...
  • CBS Experts Fudge things up Again!

    The CBS self proclamed Experts have done it again. They take a show thats loved by the public and they "Improve" on it....big mistake... but they never learn.
    Jennys interaction with Gibbs was Adorable, as she was. Now we and improved NCIS. The writers have done a wonderful job but someone has led them astray with killing off this marvalous character. I'm afraid this "Executive" decicon has led them to shoot themselves in the foot.
    I wonder what happened to the Brainiac who, years ago decided to ax Star Trek Next Generation?
    I think he's now working at Walmart collecting carriages.
  • Nothing personal, she just can't act.

    NCIS is an excellent show with a truly excellent cast, except for both of the Directors they've hired. Nothing personal. I'm sure Ms. Holly is a very nice person, however, I've seen her in numerous roles and I was shocked to see her in this one because everything else I've seen her in was also poorly acted. The talent standard for NCIS is so incredibly above average that my jaw dropped when I realized that this actor was going to remain a permanent cast member because she just has no acting ability. She (AND the new Director) just don't belong in the same ranks with Harmon, Weatherly, etc. I'm sure she's really good at something. Acting? Not it.
  • On a scale of 1-10 as an actress goes, Lauren Holly has been cast in the perfect role as Director of NCIS. I can gladly give her a 10 for her outstanding acting in this role. She is perfect. Her involvement with Mark Harman is great and mysterious......

    In looking at Lauren Holly as an actress, I find her to be an outstanding young and upcoming talent. The producers need to figure a way to bring Lauren back into the NCIS cast. Her character was unique and portrayed a sense of mystery to the show. Her involvement with Mark Harmon in the show along with the mystery surrounding death made for a great plot, but for the ongoing role of the character "Director of NCIS" she needs to be brought back into the fold. Rocky Carroll is a great actor, but Lauren Holly has taken the part of Director of NCIS to an all new height. She was made for this part.
  • Seriously? Terrible acting.

    Honestly, I don't like her AT ALL. She lacked panache, lacked authority, and most of all ACTING SKILLS!! She seems to carry too much emotional baggage and can't get over the past. Her character, I'll agree, is a great character, a formidable opponent, but she simply can't execute it. I mean bring some more flair into it, breathe some life into your role. That's what acting is all about. Change your facial expressions once in a while. Make us laugh, make us smile, change something. My impression of her is a dull, brittle, stiff, empty minded, person who can't seem to play her role. I just dislike her.
  • Lauren Holly is a great actress and very very very talented! She's also one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. Her role on NCIS is something I couldn't live without. Thumbs up at her!

    Lauren Holly is just magical. If you didn't know she's an actress, you would never tell. She's so good that you actually think you're living a real-life experience, not watching a simple movie or TV series.
    She IS the character she's playing.
    Her stunning beauty just adds to her perfection as an actress. I love her role on NCIS, it's like she was born just to play that part. Perfect!

    I just can't understand people like the one who wrote a review about her before me... How can you possibly hate her so much? She's so lovely and talented, I can't believe someone would ever say she's "talentless"...

    Oh well... I think who hates her just hasn't gathered who she really is: simply a great, gorgeous actress!

    Way to go, Lauren!