Lauren Lane

Lauren Lane


2/2/1961, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Birth Name

Laura Lane



Also Known As

Laura Lane
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Lauren was born in Oklahoma City, OK on February 2, 1961. Shortly after her birth, her family moved to Texas, where she was raised, and where her family still resides. Lauren attended the University of Texas, where she graduated with a BA in Fine Arts. She went on…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Lauren was part of the Actors Gang from 1992 to 1994.

    • Lauren has acted at many well-known theatres, including the Berkeley Repertory Theater, the Actors Theatre of Louisville, The American Conservatory Theatre, the Dallas Theatre Center, and The Mark Taper Forum.

    • Lauren was on a direct-to-video called Gen 13 during 1999.

    • Lauren married David Wilkens during 1998.

    • When the cast of The Nanny were told the show was canceled, Lauren said that she was very uneasy the whole day before and had a strong feeling something was going to change about the show soon.

    • Lauren's daughter, Kate Wilkens, was born during the run of The Nanny, which Lauren starred on. She was born on February 27, 1998.

    • She is divorced from David Wilkens.

    • Lauren was raised in the state of Texas.

    • During the year 2000, Lauren played the character of Karen in the show Dinner With Friends. This was in Berkeley California at Berkeley Repertory Theatre.

    • After Lauren graduated college, she started working in theater more often. She was in plays such as No End of Blame, Uncle Vanya, Boy's Life, Burn This, and The Imaginary Invalid.

    • Lauren attended the American Conservatory Theatre.

    • Lauren started theatre and acting after she graduated college and had earned a Master's Degree.

    • She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Texas.

    • Lauren began acting in 1984 and has acted on stage, but not on Broadway. She was a member of an experimental theater company lead by Tim Robbins called The Actors Gang.

    • She was born in Oklahoma, but raised in Texas where most of her family still lives.

    • She married David Wilkins in 1998, with whom she had a child. The couple is now divorced.

    • Lauren has a daughter, Kate, born in February 1998.

    • Lauren's natural hair color is blond, and her eyes are blue.

    • Lauren is an avid reader, she's reading at least few books a week.

    • Lauren has three boxers: Lew and Rosacoke in Texas and Atticus in Los Angeles.

    • Lauren is currently teaching at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, where she is a professor in the Theatre department. Previous to that, Lauren has taught undergraduate studies in acting and theatre at the Univeristy of Texas. She teaches full-time.

    • Lauren designed a handbag collection with Ben Shepard in Los Angeles, 2000.

  • Quotes

    • Lauren Lane: The trouble is memories are short - when you've had success with one thing, that's all people think you can do.

    • Lauren: (when asked if her daughter wanted to act, if she would encourage her to) I try to expose her to many kinds of work in ways that cast them in just as exciting a light as acting.

    • Lauren Lane: (about the cast of the Nanny and how it affected her life) This show has become like a family and we'll all miss that. But I am looking forward to doing other things.

    • Lauren: (about her character, C.C. on The Nanny and the relationship with Niles) The show's built on a formula which includes sexual tension. When it suddenly goes, you have to find another way of giving viewers what they want. I think that's why they are playing with the relationship between Niles and C.C.

    • Lauren: (about the end of The Nanny) We had no idea the end was coming. It was a shock to everyone. Then we had to go right out afterwards and perform and be funny.

    • Lauren Lane: What I like in "CC Babcock" is that she's so over the top; in her own world, like a rock in the surf, but nevertheless she's completely insecure; never gets what she wants. But it's a lot of fun playing someone who tries, in mischievous ways, to get what she wants. Besides, she's a clown. I mean, of all characters, she's the one you can get the most out of.

  • Summary.

    Lauren Lane is a very good actress, as CC in the Nanny she really was wonderful, i\'d have like to see more movies or series in which she played, but I never did. I\'m sure it was good too. And I\'m not surprise to learn that she is know teaching in university, she really seems to be a clever person and a cultured one too.