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    • Lauren: I never actually really, I mean if you call…Like when I was, from the time I was 13 I was the same height that I am now, and I was really, really, really, really skinny. And I, I just did a few little things. I wasn't really, you know, a model. I, I don't think anyway. Um, so there wasn't really any, some sort of big transition for me umm…I'd been doing theater form the time I can remember so it's, this is always what I've wanted to do. My family, we traveled so much when I was growing up. We, we were every six months we were in a different country or a different city so it was always sort of hard to be stable and be able to actually pursue something, so, um, I had to wait until I was 18. We were living in the states actually. Illegally. (laughs)