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    • Lauren: (On

    • Lauren: (On her first acting role) I was in a movie called Mr. Blue Sky. It was written by Tom Lee, and the director was Sarah Gurfield. I played the part of young Andra Little. It is a really good movie about a girl with Down syndrome who falls in love with a "typical" boy.

    • Lauren: (On Glee using characters with Down Syndrome) I think it is great. A bunch of people have written to me to tell me how happy they are that I am on the show. I want them to see me as I really am, just a regular girl. The fans have been so great to me.

    • Lauren: (On working with Jane Lynch) She is so great! I loved meeting her and working with her. She is so nice and such a cool person. She also has the same kind of dog as I do, a Wheaton terrier!

    • Lauren: It was great filming it, and it was a lot of fun.I love Glee and it was a great experience meeting all the characters.

    • Lauren: (On how she got cast in Glee) I got a call from Gail Williamson at Hearts and Halos (the Down Syndrome Association of LA talent agency) that Glee was looking for a girl to play "Becky Jackson". I went for an audition, got a call back and then I got a call saying that I got the part!

    • Lauren: (On how Glee changed her life) I have done a lot of new things and met a lot of really nice people. I was in the newspaper and on the news, and I was even the grand marshall of the Riverside, Calif. Thanksgiving parade. I have a Facebook fan page which is fun.

    • Lauren: (On filming Glee) It is like a whole different setting than real high school life. It is very busy and crowded and exciting. My days go really well. I visit with the other actors, practice and eat lunch with my friends. I do interact with other actors. The kids are really great to me. We hang out in our trailers and sometimes we play games. I usually watch some movies and read a book and chill out with my manager (mom).

    • Lauren: No matter what, you can't stop working hard. You can't give up. Don't stop believing. Don't let anyone put barriers on your kids.

    • Lauren:(On her web series "Leader of the Pack") I'm so excited because this show is about a boy with Down syndrome and all the people in it are a little different. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I see Down syndrome, but when all of the people that are acting with me are a little different, then I don't just see DS, I see just me,

    • Lauren: It's really hard for me when people see me as a Down syndrome kid. I want them to see me as typical.