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    • Lauren: You'd just think at a certain point guys would realize that lines don't work. Just be yourself and say hi.

    • Lauren: (on her audition for "Grey's Anatomy") Usually it takes many, many auditions to get a role and this was pretty fun and easy.

    • Lauren: (on meeting "Grey's Anatomy" creator Shonda Rhimes) It went so great and I was on top of the world because it's one of my favorite shows.

    • Lauren: My mom is a nurse, and my dad is a doctor, and it's actually kind of cute, because you know how they wear the surgical masks? Well, my dad saw my mom's eyes, and that was it. Very romantic.

    • Lauren: (on potentially smiting the original "Charlie's Angels" with their TV movie) I just want to know that I didn't offend anybody. That's the most important thing. I'd love it if they called me and said they loved it.

    • Lauren: (on being part of "Grey's Anatomy") At first, it was a little surreal. I mean, I'm seeing people I see on TV that I know as characters but not as real people. Then, that goes away. It becomes your job.

    • Lauren: (on Eric Dane and Patrick Dempsey) They're both so wonderful. As handsome as they are, they are equally nice, warm and talented. It's really just kind of a dream.

    • Lauren: (on Bosley of "Charlie's Angels") He's actually my favorite character. What a sweetheart.

    • Lauren: Every time I go in for an audition, I never go in with the assumption I will get the job. I'm thinking, "I hope this is a fun meeting," and I leave it there. Otherwise, the majority of times it's rejection -- and that would kill me.

    • Lauren: (on meeting Patrick Dempsey for the first time) He's definitely one of the most charismatic and charming people I have ever met. I wasn't ready, I don't think. I was laughing and red and embarrassed and probably ridiculous looking.

    • Lauren: (on the relationship between Meredith Grey and McDreamy) I think they've been going on a back-and-forth thing for a long time, and I think sometimes, the way you truly value somebody is to see what it's like not to have them.

    • Lauren: (on her first on-screen kiss with Patrick Dempsey) A scene like that is always nerve-racking, it just is. And usually my way of coping with things like that is talking about it. So, I said to him, are you freaking out? Because I'm freaking out.