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  • a girl with many different characters that she plays very well!

    Lauren Storm is a very good actress. She has an original fun loving attitude. She is one of my favorites on Flight 29 Down she plays Taylor Hagan a spoiled rich brat who turns into a not so spoiled rich brat but she changes on the way through the seasons. She really can act the part of Taylor and will always be remembered for that. She is also very good in the Game Plan. She has also played on two episodes of Still Standing and plays the roles very good too. She also played on a episode of Malcom in the Middle which she also plays very well...she is very orignal and I can see her being a big star in the future.
  • Her last name is a good word for her personality on Flight 29 Down!

    Seriously, folks. Sometimes on Flight 29 Down, she can get really irritated. But on the other hand, she is pretty. She ties for first along with whoever plays Abby on the show. I know I keep on talking about her role as Taylor on the show, Flight 29 Down, but honestly, that is the only show, or movie I've seen her on. Her hair is also very pretty. Its blonde, as of course, everybody can see. But if anyone can tell me some other shows she is on, maybe I should start watching them more often, 'cause sometimes they don't have anything on Nick, Disney, or Discovery Kids, so you know.