Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom


8/4/1961, Highland Park, Illinois

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Lauren Tom was raised in Highland Park, Illinois as part of the only Asian family in a largely Jewish neighborhood. She started as a dancer with the Hubbard St. Dance Company and at 17 moved to New York to perform in "A Chorus Line" on Broadway. She has…more


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    • Lauren (Referring to her role on Men in Trees): Mai is based on my grandmother, who came over from China. She's a combination of my grandmother and my three-year-old son.

    • Lauren: In a weird way, all the projects I work on reflect my emotional growth.

    • Lauren: I was the leader on the block, and I was really energetic. Being a little kid is one of the purest forms you can be-you don't have all that crud on top of you. And when you get back to that is when you can find peace in your life. That's when things start coming to you.

    • Lauren (Referring to her role on King of the Hill): I actually never stopped to think about that, but it absolutely has! And it's my favorite all-time job too, I'd say.

    • Lauren: Once you're focused, you don't have to concentrate.

    • Lauren (Referring to a 1994 earthquake): I thought, Oh my God, we're going to have an earthquake, because in China they believe dogs can predict them. So I ordered earthquake insurance, and the next day we had that huge quake.

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    Brilliant performance in "Tiger Mom", Supernatural Ep1 Season8. A refreshing change from the repetative and ritualistic characters of all the other shows. Although somewhat a stereotypical representation in her character as Kevin Chan's mom, it was refreshing and very relatable. I am keeping an eye out to see more of her work.
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    Lauren Tom is a brilliant actress who has done a wide range of acting jobs. She has proved herself to be quite versatile. She currently has a role in Men In Trees which I have not gotten to check out yet. I am especially a fan of her voice acting as she has great voice differentiation. I honestly couldn't tell the characters she voices are voiced by the same person just by listening. Although she has been in several roles, my favorite will always be Joo Dee from Avatar. Outside of her acting career she is a very interesting person and has really good stories to tell.moreless