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Lauren Utter

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Lauren is a contestant on America's Next Top Model cycle 10. Prior to the show, she was an artist residing in Brooklyn, New York.


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  • She supposedly has a wacky side.

    She comes off as if the world has done her wrong. She is a very angry individual, who doesn't seem to fit a mold. I have no clue what this woman was soing on America's next Top model. She doesn't seem to get, life, like she's been jaded. I know she is an artist, but honestly.....I don't like her. She acts as if she thinks that if you aren't somewhat depressed, you're not being real, and that's just not the case. She said in an interview that she thinks that Whitney Fatima and Dominque were all fake. She copied a lot of what the judges said, it was like she didn't have her own personality, except all the anger. She said she didn't like Cover Girl, Um...........Hello? That's the best prize. I wanted to like her, if we'd seen more of her maybe I would have but, I guess we will never know.moreless