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  • He needs to leave CSI--can his acting or role get worse? Only if he becomes a killer! Wait! No, if he's the "mystery" killer, then he goes to jail, right?

    Hate to say this, but Fishburne is a big fish in the wrong pond, or really doesn't like television, or the writers of CSI do not like him. How he got to CSI is a mystery. How he became the most knowledgeable CSI in Vegas is a mystery. How is jumped from newbee to "Knows all, does all" is a mystery. But trying to work suspense around his past--no mystery. I am ready for Fishburne to return to the movies. He is painful to watch on CSI. And he brings down the quality of this long time favorite series by his seemingly inability to be on screen with others. CBS--CSI--Mendelsohn, Tassler, and who ever is out there--let him leave! SOON! SOON!