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Laurence was born in 1978 in Leeds to the Fox acting dynasty. His father was J(James Fox), his uncle (Edward Fox) and cousin (Emilia Fox) are all in the acting business. Laurence was trained at RADA. On the 31st of December 2007, Laurence married actress Billie Piper at…more


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    • (on his family life growing up)
      Laurence: We're quite emotional. We say what we think, but there aren't any deep, long-running grudges. There might be a blazing row and then 10 minutes later, it's forgotten. They'll stop you being a dick.

    • (on why he and his family often get cast in establishment/regal roles)
      Laurence: Maybe we just look royal. We've got posh voices, but in the posh stakes we're at the bottom. My great-grandfather was a Jersey tobacconist and my great-grandmother was a showgirl.

    • (on Prince Charles, who he played in "Whatever Loves Means")
      Laurence: I think he'll be a good king, actually. I think he's got a good role model in his mum. Maybe on occasion he says things that are not totally on the money, but I love the fact that he has a little village [Poundbury in Dorset], and I love the fact he doesn't like horrible buildings.

    • (on the contrast of his childhood at home to his days at boarding school)
      Laurence: I was spoilt rotten - we all were. I was used to saying what I thought and there were no hierarchies apart from the family hierarchy. Then you get to boarding school and there is this mad, crappy system of pointless violence and intimidation.

    • (clarifying previous statements)
      Laurence: I'd like to make clear, that I'm a Royalist in the sense that I'm not an Anti-Royalist, I mean, you could prune the Royal tree quite happily for me. I'm not overly thrilled about people getting loads of money, but they are quite busy. I mean, why shouldn't they take a plane somewhere? What's the queen supposed to do, get the tube? I think there's a lot of unfairness surrounding the Royal Family.

    • (speaking about his family)
      Laurence: We are not a posh, rich family. We don't earn a huge amount of money. We are just a family. At no point do we have afternoon tea, although we have been to Harrow.

    • (on whether he had any preconceptions of appearing in "Lewis", the follow up to "Inspector Morse")
      Laurence: I'd never watched any Inspector Morse before I took the role of Hathaway but now they've started repeated them during the afternoons I have seen a few and I really like them.

    • (on how his life is going)
      Laurence: I had no expectations. I just want to work and be happy and do what I do. I don't want to be famous, but if being famous allows me to do the work that I want to do, then I'd do it.