Laurence Lau





5/10/1954 , Long Beach CA

Birth Name




On May 10, 1954 in the city of Long Beach, Ca., Laurence Lau was born. Later, he move with his parents and older brother Bill, to the Portland, Ore. suburb of Lake Oswego.
As a teenager, he lived with his family in Houston, TX. for a few years.

He first attended Columbia, then transfered to Brigham Young U. in Salt Lake City, Utah.
While at Brigham Young, he realized that his true calling was as an actor.

Acting Career:
After graduating from college, he moved to Hollywood where he met an agent who started finding guest starring roles for him on TV shows and TV movies.
His most famous TV role so far has been as the character Greg Nelson on the ABC Soap Opera, All My Children.

Marital Status:
Single at the moment. (He was married & divorced two times before).

Farorite Things:
Group - The Beatles (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!)
Food - loves eating chocolate.

Drawing, Horseback riding, Skiing, Maritial Arts (he has a Black Belt in Karate), Dancing, Playing games.