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Laurence Leboeuf

Laurence Leboeuf


12/13/1985, Montreal, Québec, Canada

Birth Name

Laurence Charlotte Leboeuf



Also Known As

The Beef
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Laurence Charlotte Leboeuf was born on December 13, 1985 in Montreal to the Quebec actors Marcel Leboeuf and Diane Lavalle. Her acting career began on the Quebec French show Virginie in 1996 where she portrayed velyne. Two years later she played the role of Catherine in Ombre demore


Trivia and Quotes

  • Laurence Leboeuf is a talented actress who play's Cody Myers on the teen drama/comedy show 15/Love. She is 21 years old, and currently livign with her co-star and boyfriend (in real life and on the show) Max Walker.moreless

    Laurence Leboeuf is a talented actress that is determined. Even though she had never acted in english before she did anyway, and she even got help from a language coach to help her with her accent. A lot of actors wouldn't bother with a role if it involved work like trying to hide your accent, especially if they needed help from a language coach. Also, a lot of actors don't go playing roles in two different languages.

    Laurence has since had more roles, but her main role is still on the 15/Love stage, and hopefully will be for a long while.

    Laurence is an actress that is tremendous, and needs to get out into the world more.moreless