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  • Laurence Leboeuf is a talented actress who play's Cody Myers on the teen drama/comedy show 15/Love. She is 21 years old, and currently livign with her co-star and boyfriend (in real life and on the show) Max Walker.

    Laurence Leboeuf is a talented actress that is determined. Even though she had never acted in english before she did anyway, and she even got help from a language coach to help her with her accent. A lot of actors wouldn't bother with a role if it involved work like trying to hide your accent, especially if they needed help from a language coach. Also, a lot of actors don't go playing roles in two different languages.

    Laurence has since had more roles, but her main role is still on the 15/Love stage, and hopefully will be for a long while.

    Laurence is an actress that is tremendous, and needs to get out into the world more.