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Laurence Mason

Laurence Mason

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Lawrence Mason
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  • Laurence fits in well with the rest of the Prison Break cast.

    I've only seen Laurence Mason in Prison Break and I think he is a fine actor. He makes Sona seem more dangerous than all of the other inmates do, except of course for Luchera. Sadly, I don't think we'll be seeing his character Sammy much more once Sona is out of the picture. Maybe he'll escape with Michael and the gang. Any ways he seems aware of T-Bag and knows the kind of person he is, he is also not afraid to kill. I think he belongs in the show. He should stick around for a while, although we all know that you can't grow attached to any character in Prison Break, like Veronica or Sarah. Anyways, good actor and hope he sticks around.moreless