Laurie Brett

Laurie Brett


5/2/1970, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK

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  • Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) blowing...
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  • I think Laurie Brett is the worlds most talented actress in my eyes she is a beautiful woman with lots of talent and ayone who doesnt adore her is stupid.Starring in eastenders as Jane wife of Ian she is an excellent actress.moreless

    I think Laurie Brett would be an excellent actress in a film because she is awesome and funny.Laurie is a really talented actress and she uses excellent facial expressions and some of the faces she pulls are really brilliant especially when she is having the affair in eastenders with Grant there fantastic.Laurie would really go far in a movie because she has the talent and she is young and beautiful.I think Laurie is an excellent actress in every way i dont no why she hasnt taken her career further because she is one of the best actresses in Eastenders and would do well as a movie star.Laurie must put a lot of effort into her job because she manages to make me and my family laugh even though she is with Ian Beal.I would really really love to meet Laurie Brett because she is my favourite character in Eastenders and i think she would go far as a movie star.She is the best reach for the stars Laurie youre the best!!!!!moreless
  • Laurie Brett is a talented actress who has won over the heart of Albert Squares slimy business man Ian Beale. She lit up our screens in 2004 and she is still lighting up the screen for me!moreless

    Laurie Brett is in my eyes an extremely talented actress. She is blonde and brassy and i think her personality is lovly. she lit up our screens in 2004 and she continues to light up the screen for me. She is the person i look up to the most and i should think alot of other people do as well if they see her the way i see her. she has made me more determined to act as she is an amazing inspiration. she can sing, she can dance and she can act. She really made the story line of \'will they won\'t they\' between her character Jane and Ian more exciting. I think she is the best actress on Eastenders and the day i meet her will be the happiest day of my life.moreless