Laurie Foell

Laurie Foell


2/10/1968, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Laurie Foel



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Laurie Foell
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Born in Argentina, Laurie moved to Sydney when she was 5 years old. Laurie went on to attend university in Brisbane, and then travelled to Paris where she completed a course on Theatre Studies. Before moving back to Sydney, where she began working on television and film. Laurie…more


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    • Laurie will be flying over to the UK for a holiday and also to do some appearances. She arrives in the UK on June 23, 2005 and is staying for 3 weeks (including 5 days in Paris) until July 13, 2005.

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  • Laurie is most recognised from her two captivating roles on "Home and Away"; first as super-bitch Angie and secondly as her look-a-like cousin Josie. She played the parts brilliantly, brought class to the show and made it so much more watchable for many.<moreless

    Laurie Foell first shot to fame in Australia in 2002 when she turned heads as the conniving and psychotic super-bitch, Angie Russell. Laurie first appeared as Angie on Australian screens around September/October 2002 but was killed off in April 2003 as part of a murder mystery competiton, but her legend lives on. Many fans refer to the time she was on the show as the "Angie Era" which shows the extent of her venomous influence on the normally peaceful atmosphere of Summer Bay.

    Laurie played Angie with total believabilty. For the first time ever, I found a soap opera character not just interesting but totally captivating. Of course, the writers deserve a huge amount of credit for the character, but Laurie is one of the few women who could successfully pull it off. Her facial expressions alone in some scenes showed just how much thought she had put into playing the character. And on top of that, her acting was so brilliant it highlighted to me just how bad some of the others were.

    Laurie's reign of terror in Summer Bay was so successful that producers just had to have her back. She returned breifly in May 2004 as the Ghost of Angie, but in August, fans rejoiced when she returned to the show as a regular, playing Angie's twin cousin, Josie.

    Despite being absolutely thrilled at her return, many did fear her new character would only ever be a weaker version of Angie. How wrong we were! Sometimes Laurie seems so different as Josie I actually can't believe it's the same actress. She has different mannerisms, a totally different tone, and although that toughness / vulnerability thing is still going on, it's in a entirely different way. She just manages to communicate this amazing complexity every time Josie says a line, or reacts to someone else's. There's so much going on under the surface with her.

    Laurie has now brought us drama, intrigue, and an air of mystery to the show under two different characters. She's also made the show feel more adult, and she has chemistry with whoever she works with.

    However, her role as Josie was shortlived, and just less then a year later it was revealed she would once again be leaving our screens.

    Home and Away won't be the same without her.