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  • Will always be "Jackie" to me.

    Great actress. Plays a great crazy person.
  • Mecalf - An underrated actress by all means.

    Laurie Metcalf is a very talented actress. She seems to portray neurotic, eccentric, psychotic, or perhaps any number of other "personality disorder" type persona's in very convincing ways.

    It's her supporting roles and acting ability that gives a competitive edge to any show, film, or performance she appears in. I don't think enough can be said, and certainly feel that she is underrated in her category of professionalism.

    Her supporting role character as Marcie Dahlgren-Frost in the movie "Uncle Buck" - was an exceptional portrayal of her uncanny gifted talent, further convincing that her acting can really brush both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.
  • Store Clerk: Hello Sir what can I help you find today? Customer: I'm looking for a bunch of crazy, do you have any in stock? Store Clerk: Well your in luck, we have some fresh Laurie Metcalf in stock, its high quality Crazy!

    She is great at that moment of crazy you just don't think her character will become, but your fairly sure b/c of who she is that she will be headed that way at some point during her appearance.
    There have been moments that I've seen where she can be as passionate and dedicated to her characters, and they are as "normal" as you could imagine, but it seems that from the casting director to the director, that they need her for that crazy scene they feel is required for her part. If she could find a good straight role I know she could own it, and change her pegging, but the odds that she will get that chance just feel slim.
    She is a good actor, and she is Outstanding at crazy!
  • Remarkable actress!

    I encountered this amazingly talented actress first on the hit show: Roseanne and fell in love with her talented methods. She always found a way to put energy into her scenes no matter what. After the end of Roseanne, she's become extremely active in the acting world. I've seen her, recently, in the shows: Raines, 3rd rock from the sun, and the Big Bang Theory. She also channeled her old character, Jackie Harris, in a movie called "Meet The Robinsons" as a crazy scientist who adopts the main character. Even when I'm down in the duldroms, she always cheers me up. I say, God bless America and God bless Laurie Metcalf!
  • Versitle actor. Recently gave an emmy worthy performance as Carolyn Bigsby on Desperate Housewives.

    I've seen Laurie Metcalf on several shows over the years, most noticibly Roseanne and Desperate Housewives. Laurie's performance on the episode Bang on Desperate Housewives proves that she is absolutely amazing when it comes to playing someone who's crazy, delusional, psychotic, but also funny at the same time. Laurie's portrayal as Carolyn Bigsby is sure to be one of the most memorable performances from an actor that Desperate Housewives will ever have. It's a real shame that Carolyn has been killed off, but since this is Desperate Housewives that we're talking about, hopefully we haven't seen the last of Laurie Metcalf or her character on Desperate Housewives. After her outstanding stint on Desperate Housewives, Laurie Metcalf definitely deserves her own show.
  • Laurie is a woman of a wide range of expressions and is not afraid to get her whole body into the act.

    Like most Americans I first saw Laurie as Jackie, Roseanne's flighty sister on "Rosanne" back in the 1990s. Even though this role was a comedic, Laurie was able to show a broad range of emotions playing Jackie. It would have been easy to just do a superficial job, but Laurie put her whole body into the role. She has great control over her facial expressions, which made Jackie even more entertaining than just the lines she delivered.

    Laurie is able to go beyond sitcom acting and go into more dramatic roles like in "Desperate Housewives". Although this show has many comic elements, the type of acting is very different from "Roseanne". Laurie is able to pull off her role in the show flawlessly. One can feel the intensity she puts into her "Desperate Housewives" role just in the commercials for the episodes she's in. It is too bad that television no longer has live theater on most of the commerical networks on a regular basis because I think this is where we would see Laurie's full range of acting skill. Her ability to express emotions throughout her whole body definitely came from her stage experience, but we only get to see little snippets of this talent on television. At that, we only get to see it really in comedic roles that ask her to be a clown.

    I hope to see Laurie more often as she is an incredible talent and very funny. It would be best if a television executive would have the guts to create a show around her like what was done with Julia Louise Dryfuss, another SNL alumna.
  • Laurie Metcalf (jackie harries) is the most talented actress in the field. she has gotten me through a tough time when i was in a deep depresion all i would half to do is here her voice and it was all better so thank you. thank you laurie metcalf

    Laurie Metcalf (jackie harries) is the most talented actress in the field. she has gotten me through a tough time when i was in a deep depresion all i would half to do is here her voice and it was all better. thank you laurie metcalf. thank u for everything
  • Laurie...just excellent, talented, intelligent, touching, sweet, funny...what more can I's so swell that she won those three Emmys; I'm so glad she was recognized. It'd be nice to see her in more movies.

    Laurie entered my life when Roseanne first aired...I saw the talent, but until the episode *Crime and Punishment*, didn't pay too much attention to her, even when I saw her in *Internal Affairs* where she does a swell job as a lesbian cop.

    Once *Crime and Punishment* aired, which was just about Laurie's best performance, I was entraced with her from that January day in 1993 onward.

    She plays many funny, quirky parts, including Marcie Dalgren Frost in *Uncle Buck* and psychotic Debbie Salt in *Scream 2* as well as Jackie Harris from *Roseanne* in addition to Amy Wallace in *Internal Affairs* and her unique talent combined with her expressive face, esp. her mobile eyebrows and large soulful brown eyes bring a special sensitivity to her acting and each of her characters. Her loveliness and incredible talent adds a true beauty to each of her movies and shows, even if the plotlines themselves are mundane.

    She truly deserved her three Emmys and is a person who'd make any parent, spouse, relative, friend, or offspring proud.

    Her interviews (esp. one impressive one on *Oprah* in 1994) reveal a quick wit and high intelligence that is rare in Hollywood; she's a woman of true substance and doesn't hesitate to show her intelligence, esp. in her articulate, well-thought out responses and her deep insights as well as her down-to-earth, unassuming mannerisms.

    Just to see her act or in an interview is just about equivalent to becoming entranced with her. Laurie entered my soul and heart from the *Roseanne* series onward and has never left and will never leave. For that, I feel extremely fortunate to have a part of her in my life. I do hope many more people will be so lucky to have her enter their lives also.