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  • Off the Wall

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    S 10 : Ep 17 - 4/8/03

    The detectives are on the scene of a homicide, when Clark arrives. He was going stir crazy taking time off following his father's death. Ortiz comments to McDowell that she hadn't spoken or heard from him for the past three days. The detectives get a line on a possible suspect, named Todd Grady. Jones and Medavoy go to suspect's apartment to attempt to speak with him. When no one answers they decide to check with the neighbors. Suddenly someone they assume is their possible suspect rounds the corner and doubles back when he realizes they are there to talk with him. He then comes back around the corner with a gun drawn. Jones and Medavoy fire their weapons and after waiting a moment proceed to go around the corner. There they find a boy has been shot by a bullet that went through the wall, from one of their guns. Sipowicz and Clark arrive on the scene as an ambulance is being called. The detectives and Rodriguez are at the hospital, when they find that the 13-year-old boy doesn't make it. Medavoy and Jones turn over their guns so that ballistic tests can be run. In the meantime, McDowell and Ortiz are sent to respond to the scene of a DOA. The victim is from Queens and far from home. Rodriguez returns to the squad to be met by a reverend who wants to talk to him about the boy's shooting. He wants Rodriguez to give him all the information he can so that he might be able to give his parishioners and the people in the neighborhood the facts. The detectives return to the squad and Clark apologizes to Ortiz about not returning her calls, he felt it was better if he handled all the stuff with his dad on his own. The detectives run what they know about their two cases to Rodriguez when the ballistics report comes in. It was Jones' gun that fired the fatal shot. Sipowicz and Clark find the woman who was seen with Todd Grady. She tells them about their victim's relationship with Grady. She also gives them the name Dante Kelly, just one of the people who was hanging out with Grady. McDowell and Ortiz talk with two uniforms from the 72nd precinct about their victim's activities in their precinct from the previous night. The victim was a nasty drunk who they had removed from his girlfriend's house the previous evening. Jones asks Medavoy what style gun he saw Grady holding. Medavoy says he thought it was a revolver, while Jones told the Duty Captain it was a 9mm. Medavoy confesses to Sipowicz and Clark that he never actually saw gun, he hopes that fact won't jam them up later. The reverend returns to the squad and puts a face to the name of Jones. He seeks further information on the case and Rodriguez's word that Det. Jones didn't do wrong. While keeping Dante Kelly under surveillance, Sipowicz and Clark talk about Ortiz and Clark's father. Talking about his father gets Clark hot under the collar as he hasn't worked out his anger with his father's death. When they run after Dante he gets stuck between two gates. He tells them they need to talk to Grady about their victim's death. Dante being trapped by the gates strikes Clark as being funny. The reverend is on television, giving misinformation to the masses. An anonymous tip comes in telling the detectives that they need to re-talk to Chinese girl. McDowell and Ortiz talk with their victim's girlfriend. She tells them about her drunken boyfriend and the fact that two cops took him away to give him some time to "chill out." Sipowicz and Clark go to the Chinese restaurant and get the Chinese girl to give them a credible story about what happened. McDowell and Ortiz talk again with the two uniforms for the 72nd precinct. The uniforms tell them that they took the angry drunk away and just dropped him off at a corner near a bar that was closed. That location was 4 blocks away from where they found him. Rodriguez, Sipowicz and Clark give the reverend the facts about their investigation. They wait for the reverend to leave and then they proceed to follow him. The reverend leads the detectives to the apartment where they find him talking with Grady. McDowell and Ortiz talk with the man who tells him that he was assaulted last night by a drunk, when he was leaving a bar. The man confesses to having pushed the drunk and knocking him to the ground. The drunk was able to get back to his feet and walked away. When the man finds out that the drunk has died and he might be looking at a manslaughter charge, he tells them that he has a witness; the married woman he's been seeing and who was at the bar with him. Sipowicz and Clark begin their interview of Todd Grady and convince him that he needs to start giving them some positive information that will help him to get rid of some of the negatives on his scorecard. Grady starts to deal and tells them that the 13-year-old kid wasn't so innocent. He tells them what went down with the gun. The reverend has been watching the entire interview and offers his apologies to the detectives. McDowell and Ortiz tell the 2 uniforms what happened to their victim. Because the uniforms didn't follow the "must arrest" procedure the ball was put in motion leading to their victim's death. Provided they never talk about it, McDowell and Ortiz make the decision to not let the uniforms get jammed up for their mistake. Medavoy confesses to Jones that he didn't see the gun. Valerie offers to take Baldwin home for dinner, to allow him to take his mind off of the day's events. At John's apartment, Rita arrives and they address the status of their relationship. They decide to break off their relationship and agree that it won't affect their relationship at work.moreless
  • The Junk Mail

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    S 9 : Ep 5 - 10/30/97

    Jerry's childhood friend arranges for a van as payment for one of Jerry's performances. Kramer uses the van in his campaign against mail. Elaine meets a man at the coffee shop whose charm seems too good to be true. Meanwhile, George discovers that his parents have had enough of him.moreless