Lawrence Dane





8/3/1937 , Masson, Quebec, Canada

Birth Name




Lawrence Dane was born on April 3, 1937 in Quebec, Canada. Dane spent his childhood growing up in Ottawa, where he initially started taking acting lessons to help overcome his debilitating shyness. Dane started acting professionally in the 1960s, and made guest appearances on a number of popular TV shows, including The Saint, Bonanza, It Takes a Thief, I Spy, The Invaders, The Mask of Janus, Forest Rangers, The Mod Squad, Mission: Impossible, Mannix and The Virginian. In the 1970s, Dane began to transition from television work to feature films. In 1976, he co-starred with a then unknown John Candy in the comedy Find the Lady, and in 1977 he both produced and acted in the cult-hit suspense thriller Creeper. In 1981, Dane played the role of security officer Braedon Keller in writer and director David Cronenberg's gruesome horror classic Scanners. In 1984, Dane made his directorial debut with the movie Heavenly Bodies, which told the story of three young women attempting to run a dancercize studio.