Lawrence Pressman





7/10/1939 , Cynthiana, Kentucky

Birth Name




Lawrence Pressman, also known as David Pressman Senior, is an actor, born July 10th, 1939. In 1973, he married actress Lanna Sauders, and together they have had one son, David Junior. They stayed married until his death in 2007. Lawrence Pressman lives in Los Angeles, California. Lawrence's first role was in the soap opera The Edge of the Night. He has appeared in over sixty one roles, typically playing a doctor. Lawerence Pressman is most famous for his roles in the series Doogie Howser, M.D., Ladies Man, Profiler, and Mulligan's Stew as well as the movies Shaft, The Hellstorm Cronicle, American Pie, and American Wedding. Lawrence Pressman has also guest starred in the series Hawaii Five-O, Paper Moon, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Griff, Dawson's Creek, The Drew Carey Show, Providence, The Practice, Dangerous Minds, Law & Order, Matlock, Ghost Whisper, Marcus Welby M.D., M*A*S*H*, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.