Lawrence Saint-Victor

Lawrence Saint-Victor


6/14/1982, Nyack, New York

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If there ever was a man destined to play a superhero, Lawrence Saint-Victor is that man. With his ultra buff physique, brooding good looks, and commanding voice, he'd have any role mastered. The fact that he's been a comic book fan since childhood doesn't hurt either. Growing up…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Lawrence made his New York stage debut in the play Black Man Rising. The show, which ran for two weeks, was written by James Chapmyn.

    • Lawrence admits that when he first learned he was playing Yvonna Wright's brother on Guiding Light he was very disappointed. He was more interested in playing her love interest, as he thinks she's the "hottest woman in soaps."

    • While growing up, Lawrence was always bigger than most of the other children his age. His size earned him the nicknamed Bam-Bam.

    • Lawrence is a huge fan of WWE - professional wrestling. His favorite's being John Cena and The Rock. He calls wrestling "a soap opera."

    • In 2008, Lawrence was Pre-Nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in the category of "Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series." The award eventually went to his Guiding Light co-star, Tom Pelphrey.

    • In April 2007, Lawrence was named "The Sexiest Man on Guiding Light" by Soap Opera Digest magazine.

    • Lawrence stars in the 2008 short film, William's Payne. The movie, which was written and directed by Shila Jones, was released exclusively on the web.

    • If Lawrence could guest star on any prime time television series it would be Heroes. He calls the NBC hit, "so smart."

    • Lawrence enjoys playing a wide variety of sports including; football, swimming, weight lifting, and martial arts.

    • In January 2007, Lawrence and the cast of Guiding Light, traveled to Biloxi, MS to help rebuild homes of Hurricane Katrina victims.

    • Lawrence's favorites:
      - Graphic Novel: The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman
      - Website:
      - Actor: Denzel Washington and Sidney Poitier
      - Actress: Meryl Streep and Viola Davis
      - Holiday: Easter

    • Lawrence's parents are both teachers. His younger sister is a midwife.

    • Lawrence has been collecting comic books since he was a child. His favorite superhero of all time is Superman. Saint-Victor says that his Guiding Light dressing room is, "all Supe'd out."

    • Lawrence supports many charities including; St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Foundation and S.P.E.A.K (Students Praise Empowering and Advancing in the Kingdom).

    • Six years prior to landing the role of "Remy" on Guiding Light Lawrence appeared as an extra on the show. He appeared as a customer at Company.

    • Lawrence has a "Bacon Number" of 3.
      He was in Kitsch with Benita Robledo,
      Benita was in What Happens in Vegas... with Queen Latifah,
      Queen Latifah was in Beauty Shop with Kevin Bacon.

  • Quotes

    • Lawrence: (on his appearance in Black Man Rising) I felt I needed to experience and tell this story. There are passages in this play that have the ability to bring about enlightenment to all races.

    • Lawrence: (on his love for comic books) There's nothing cooler than reading something and believing that you can fly or have the power to save people. I merged from wanting to be them to wanting to play them.

    • Lawrence: (his advice to young actors) It's a lot about how hard you are willing to work-how much you want it. Pursue your dreams, it doesn't matter what the odds are.

    • Lawrence: (on his first year of acting school) You go from acting and doing these plays and having fun to being in a highly criticized environment. And those criticisms from highly experienced teachers can be something of a damper on a newbie. The first year is just tearing you apart and putting you back together.

    • Lawrence: (on his surname) My family spell it different ways. My dad, who is Haitian uses St.Victor, but I do it Saint-Victor because my grandfather did it that way, and technically, it is the name on my birth certificate and social security card.

    • Lawrence: (on education) Before high school, you couldn't get me to pay attention in class. I always did just enough to pass. But after high school, I started applying myself and became an 'A' student.

    • Lawrence: (on co-star Tom Pelphrey) That dude's a beast. Tom Pelphrey is every actor's favorite actor; it could just be a five-line scene, but he'll give you everything he's got.

    • Lawrence: (on his girlfriend) I went to school with her, and we've been together going on three years. She loves that I have money now so that we can go out and do stuff!