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Layla El


6/25/1985, London, England, UK

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Layla El



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Layla, who was born and raised in London, England continues to make her mark in the United States and display her versatility as a performer and entertainer. This rising star is a former cruise ship dancer. She is also a member of NBA's Best Dance Squad for the…more


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  • Trivia

    • Layla along with Candice Michelle and Beth Phoenix are featured in a photoshoot in the February 2009 edition of Flex Magazine.

    • When Layla got drafted to Raw, she became the first WWE Diva to be officially part of all three WWE brands (Smackdown, ECW & Raw).

    • Layla recently adopted a Chihuahua and Terrier mix dog and named her "Kona."

    • Before becoming a WWE Diva Layla spent some of her time as a Spin Class instructor in Miami.

    • Layla has a trading card featured in the 2008 Topps Heritage III series. A few lucky fans will have the pleasure of finding one of these limited edition cards autographed by Ms. El herself. They are randomly inserted in Heritage III packs. If you don't want to try your luck, you can always find it on Ebay.

    • Layla joins other WWE Divas in making a guest appearance on the April 13th edition of VH1's Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp

    • Layla is handy with a needle and thread. She designed all the outfits for Extreme Expose' and she makes her own ring attire!

    • The airline lost Layla's luggage on the day of Summer Slam 2006 where she was scheduled to make her 1st live appearance. She had to borrow clothes from the other WWE Divas so she could appear on the pay-per-view.

    • Layla is featured in the February 2008 issue of WWE Magazine. She gives tips on how to read a girl's body language on the dance floor and also provides some relationship advice.

    • Layla and other WWE Divas make a guest appearance on the Feb. 6th episode of Project Runway-Raw Talent!

    • Layla is starting to turn up the heat in the WWE. The 2006 Diva Search Winner recently began training at Jesse Hernandez's School of Hard Knocks Wrestling School to improve her in ring abilities.

    • The 2007 WWE Survivor Series marked the first time Layla had
      returned to perform in Miami's American Airlines Arena since she last danced for the NBA's Miami Heat.

    • Layla's WWE Nickname is "Latin Spice"

    • When Layla was a member of the Miami Heat Dance Team, she offered "Lay Lay's Dance Camp" during the summer which allowed teenage girls to learn some of her hot dance steps.

    • Layla's first action figure has just been released by Jakks Pacific in their ECW Series 3 line. It is available in stores now.

    • Layla's workout routine includes weight training, aerobics, roller skating, swimming and cycling.

    • Layla served as the choreographer and a dancer for the BBC program "Leo & Ginja."

    • Layla was a featured presenter and model for Mentorn Film's program "Early Bird" which broadcast in the United Kingdom.

    • Layla has extensive training in historical, hip hop and jazz dancing.

    • Layla's hobbies include playing pool and spinning.

    • Layla was a featured dancer for the singing duo Nina Sky in their live performance at the 2004 Source Awards.

    • Layla and other WWE Divas and Superstars filmed episodes of the game show Family Feud in August of 2007. These episodes are slated to air in November of 2007.

    • Layla choreographs all of the dance moves for Extreme Expose'. She also designs their outfits and picks all the music they use in all of their performances.

    • Layla has a serious sweet tooth and has a weakness for desserts. Her favorite---Anything with chocolate!!!

    • In addition to being a singer and dancer on cruise ships, Layla also spent some time as the featured assistant for Alex Romanov's Magic & Illusion show.

    • While living in London, Layla acted and danced in theater productions of Chorus Line, Beauty and the Beast and Scottish Ballet at Avondale, Milfield and Lyric Theatres.

    • Layla has a Diploma in Performing Arts from Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts Ltd., London, England. She is also has One Year of Graduate Acting from the same institute.

    • Layla has shown off her dancing skills in numerous music videos featuring perfomers like Elton John, Timbaland, Erasure, Blue, Ms. Dynamite, Wyclef, Michelle Gayle and Cherie Charles.

    • Layla is the covergirl for the "Muy Caliente" issue #33 of Smooth Magazine in September of 2007.

    • Layla LOVES dogs and just got a Mini Pin and named him "Tyson".

    • In April 2007, Layla along with Brooke Adams, Kelly Kelly, Ashley, Torrie Wilson, and Maryse filmed Timbaland's music video "Throw it On Me" featuring The Hives.

    • Layla nationality is British and North African.

    • Layla was the covergirl for the first issue of "Liquid Magazine."

    • Since Layla won the 2006 Diva search she has appeared in a spread for "King Magazine."

    • Layal debuted on the ECW brand on the January 23rd, 2007 episode as a member of "Extreme Expose" along with Kelly Kelly and Brooke Adams.

    • When Layla returned to Smackdown on the September 22nd episode, she got into confrontation with Jillian Hall and Kristal Marshall.

    • At No Mercy 2006, Layla Tricked Mike Mizanin into getting a lap dance from Big Dick Johnson while he was blindfolded by him expecting it would be her as a birthday present.

    • Layla made her first Smackdown appearance in an interview with Mike Mizanin. Although he didn't allow her the chance to say much as he was to busy talking about himself.

    • Layla made her first WWE Pay Per View appearance as a diva during the 2006 SummerSlam, in which she was hazed by the current divas.

    • Layla won the Diva Search by defeating Jen England during the finals on August 16, 2006.

    • Layla won another Diva Search challenge "The Diva Talent Show" on the August 11th episode of Smackdown by dressing as a cop.

    • Layla won the "Diva Boot Camp" challenge despite having jumped over tires on the tire hop section and both her feet didn't touch the finish line since she did a split.

    • Layla won a week's worth of immunity during the Diva Search by winning Sgt. Slaughter's "Diva boot camp" obstacle course.

    • Layla entered the world of professional wrestling after her trainer suggested she enter the WWE Diva Search 2006.

    • Layla danced for Kanye West at the MTV Music Video Awards.

    • Layla made her wrestling debut on July 10, 2006.

    • Layla was trained by PWA.

    • Layla's billed height is 5ft 2in (1.57 meters). Layla's billed weight is 114lbs (52kg).

    • On Ocotber 28th, 2006 edition of Smackdown, Layla partpicated in a Halloween Battle Royal, which Mike Mizanin was refereeing the match.

    • Layla is a former Miami Heat Dancer.

    • Layla's won the 2006 WWE Diva Search winner.

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