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    • Lea: I always wanted to be able to cross all those worlds. I love to change, like a chameleon.

    • Lea: (on her phobia of flying) You will take a plane. You can't be a slave to your anxieties anymore.

    • Lea: (on her parents) They were cultured people, and I grew up in Paris, a city of culture, so maybe that was useful.

    • Lea: There were no actors in my family; I was the first. When I decided to become an actress, it was my choice. People said no, but I did it.

    • Lea: Sometimes you have to say the words that the director wants, to play emotions that are not yours. You have to go against yourself as an actor.

    • Lea: I make films for directors. Before anything else, I choose films because of the talent of the directors. The story and the other actors are of course very important, but for me, it's all about the director.

    • Lea: Five people I'd invite to my dream birthday party are Friedrich Nietzsche, Michael Jackson, Charles Chaplin, Maria Callas and Serge Gainsbourg.

    • Lea: When I watch my films or read my interviews I come to know I have a very strange thing, I'm not easy to get.

    • Lea: People are enthusiastic in America. They put heart into things. As soon as you get back to France people are bitching about everything.

    • Lea: (on her relationship with actor and co-star Adèle Exarchopoulos) It's true that it's a friendship, but there's love between us. You can say there's love.

    • Lea: I like to play deep characters and it's nice to have deep emotions, but it's also nice to just have a distance and to have a sense of humor with what you do as well.

    • Lea: (on her part in movie Saint Laurent) I had to become chic, yes. But it's more like a color in the film. It's a very small part. It's like the film is a puzzle and I will be one of the pieces. I prefer to be a small part in a great film.

    • Lea: (on her role in the movie Farewell, My Queen) What I liked about this part was that you don't know anything about her, and so I could invent everything. There is one moment that makes you understand everything about her, a character asks me 'We don't know anything about you...do you even have parents?' This for me was the key to build everything. That's why she's so fascinated by the Queen. It's through the Queen that she has an existence at all.