Lea Thompson

Lea Thompson


5/31/1961, Rochester, Minnesota

Birth Name

Lea Katherine Thompson


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Lea Katherine Thompson was born May 31, 1961 in Rochester, Minnesota. She is the youngest of five children. Her parents are Barbara and Cliff Thompson. Since all her siblings were much older than her, Lea says it seemed like she had more than two parents. The family lived…more


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    • Lea Thompson: (on doing Back to the Future) When I read the script to the first film, I thought the story was terrific and very interesting. When they told me I would be playing both young and old Lorraine, I knew it would be a tremendous challenge, so of course I wanted it immediately.

    • Lea Thompson: Just by getting up and caring for our families and getting through the day and conquering our problems, that makes us all little heroes!

    • Lea Thompson: When you're in the depths of insecurity or despair, helping someone else is the best way to get over your own broken heart.

    • Lea Thompson: (on letting her daughters watch her movie where she plays a rape victim) It's important that they see what it really is and know what's going on all around us so they can have compassion.

    • Lea Thompson: As an actor it's so fun to inhabit another person and have that research done for you instead of having to come up with someone out of the blue or rationalize the behavior of a character.

    • Lea Thompson: I didn't really want to be an actress but I had some connections so when I got tired of waitressing, I started doing commercials for Twix and Burger King.

    • Lea Thompson: It's hard not to want to strangle people when you work with them for four years.

    • Lea Thompson: (about who were her biggest influences) My mother, also Bonnie Raitt, Debra Winger and Tchaikovsky.

  • Still as beautiful as she was in Back to the Future.

    Lea Thompson has a timeless complexion, though it seems time moves on and she gets older, she is still as beautiful today as she was when I saw her in Back to the Future.

    Lea is a remarkable actress, really fooled me when I first saw back to the future they way they had her made up had me believe she was a lot older then she was, but I didn't realize that she was only 17, and that the young girl you saw during the 1955 scenes where what she really looked like.

    She has made a few TV specials like Jane Doe, and even reunited with Christopher Lloyd in the film Dennis the Menace.

    Lea gets more beautiful as she gets older, and I'm glad that she's still an actress.moreless
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    Great actress. I think that she is really cool and her style is very different, I really like the way she acts and the way she behaves. I love her as Lorraine McFly in Back to the Future, she was awesome in the three movies, and she was the perfect woman for that role. I really like her style and I think that she is simply one great actress.