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  • Great singer.

    Has been in the magizines too much. Too she has a great life.
  • Young talent

    I remembered the first time I heard her voice... I looked on tv and she was a teenager. I knew then I was a fan... It is nice to know she was discovered young...she is very original.
  • A really good singer.

    When LeAnn Rimes first burst out into the music world in 1996, I was really impressed by her voice and how she sounded a little bit like Patsy Cline. The only thing at the time that I didn't like about her was the fact that she became so famous at such a young age, and being slightly older than her, that fame made me a little bit jealous. However, since then, I have overcame that feeling to really enjoy her music and have bought a few more of her CDs since. I also think that she does a good job in acting as well, with her hosting duties in Nashville Star. In the almost 10 years since she has been singing and in the public eye, I think that she has shown great growth in her singing capabilities that hopefully will keep her around for years to come.