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  • Trivia

    • LeAnn was chosen as one of People Magazine's annual 100 Most Beautiful People in the World, in May 2007.

    • While making a guest appearance on Days of Our Lives, LeAnn also filmed a public service announcement about teenage runaways for NBC's The More You Know.

    • LeAnn has covered 3 famous artists: Dolly Parton (the song I Will Always Love You), the Beatles (the song Yesterday), and Prince (the song Purple Rain).

    • Her 1999 album LeAnn Rimes contained her own unique interpretations of 11 of country music's best known standards, including "Crazy" and "Me and Bobby McGee".

    • LeAnn donated her artist fee and royalties from her hit single "I Need You" to create a wing at the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Tennessee called the LeAnn Rimes Adventure Gym.

    • LeAnn co-wrote the book Holiday in Your Heart with Tom Carter in early 1997.

    • LeAnn says her most priced possession is a ruby and diamond ring that was given to her by her godparents.

    • LeAnn learned how to yodel at an early age.

    • At the age of 5, LeAnn won her first singing contest singing the song "Getting to Know You".

    • LeAnn and her family moved to Garland, Texas when she was 7 years old.

    • According to LeAnn, her parents have been her strongest and best influence in life.

    • LeAnn says her musical influences include Patsy Cline, Barbara Steisand, and Reba McEntire.

    • In 2004, LeAnn revealed that for years she had suffered from the skin disorder eczema.

    • LeAnn's hit single "Blue", was originally supposed to be recorded by Patsy Cline. However, upon Patsy's death, the song literally sat in the recording studio's vault.

    • In 1997, LeAnn made her acting debut in starring in the ABC movie Holiday in Your Heart alongside one of her idols, Bernadette Peters.

    • In 2000, LeAnn made her motion picture debut in the film Coyote Ugly.

    • After spending many years living in Los Angeles, LeAnn and her husband Dean now reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

    • LeAnn lived for many years in Garland, Texas at an apartment complex called Pecan Knoll.

    • In May 2000, filed a lawsuit against her father, Wilbur, and his partner and LeAnn's co-manager alleging that they stole more than $7 million of her earnings. The two have since settled the matter out of court.

  • Quotes

    • LeAnn Rimes: I definitely want to do more film and every video I do I think I do more and more acting in them, which I think is kind of setting the stage to do more and more film. I've gotten the bug from that, so we're definitely looking and I'd love to do TV. I would love to be on Gossip Girl! ... My husband is obsessed with Blake Lively, so it's me and Blake Lively.

    • LeAnn Rimes: (about staying thin and fit) I am constantly working out--circuit training, jumping rope, and stair-stepping, and sticking to 1200 calories a day. It can't be something that you're doing to lose weight, and then once you do, you're done. I do it every day of my life.

    • LeAnn Rimes: I think singing traditional country is wonderful, because I'm bringing it to my generation and to the younger kids.