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    Eric has to council a couple having maritial problems. Annie feels all alone with Eric not there and her father already having left. I love the scene where Eric says you still take my breath away. I also like Annie's promice to Ruthie. That scene is great and emotional. I love Annie's father's apology. it is so heartfelt.

    Matt was very mature haldeling Renea's labor and delivery. It was really real because he was sqweenish. Renea was much better at pretending to have a baby than Lucy is in the 9th season. I like it when Matt says the best part is that she named the baby after grandama because Siomon says he named the baby grandma. Matt tells Siomon there grandam's name was Jenny. i love Matts older brotherness which shows with the talk with Jeff and Mary.

    Mary was really mauture and helpful. I like it when Lucy spilled. I am glad Jeff and Mary will continue to be friends.

    Lucy is emotional like always. Lucy always makes you feel bad for her. She is not a bad cryer.

    I love Siomons study. It is really cute. I love the scene where Ruthie told Siomon she new where heaven was. It was where she was before Annie's stumach. I love what she said about seeing Grandma Jenny in here, in your heart. The best part was that it came from a 5 year old.

    I love the scene where everryone is singing Grandama Jenny's song. Hello Mother, Hello Father. Here I am at Camp Granada. This song always reminds me of the Camdens. I love the family element this scene had.

    This was just an alaround great epesode. Not my favorite epesode but none the less greatmoreless