Lee Evans

Lee Evans


2/25/1964, Avonmouth, England, UK

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Lee Evans


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Now established as one of Britain's best-loved and biggest comedy stars, ex-boxer Lee Evans has captured audiences' and critics' imaginations with his irrepressible physicality and disarming charm. His latest video and DVD, Lee Evans Wired & Wonderful - Live at Wembley went straight into the top 20 in…more


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  • popularist but funny

    As his sweat fly's over the front row the man is one of the funniest men alive. It's just simply because ''it's funny because it's true'' in its funniest form. Although he is very much the marmite of stand up comics in that I have yet to see any medium review of him. People always think he's just brilliant or they will boast about how annoying and how totally unfunny he is. I however fall into the first group and think he's brilliant. So fast you're still laughing from the previous bit of material but he's already into the next bit. It really is on the floor crying in pain with laughter and he has actually got better with time in that the earlier shows were funny but when you get to live in Scotland he really does then come into his own and then again in Wired & Wonderful and hitting his peak in XL 2005 which has his best performance and material ever (imo), next show Big not 'quite' so good but still very funny. I realise his stand up act 'wife' is a heavy exaggeration of the real thing but clearly there is home truths in it. It's only funny when he does it you repeat some of his material slower without his facial expressions and energy and it somehow looses its magic. 'Too mainstream' people say, whatever if it's funny it's funny and Lee is funny. VERY FUNNYmoreless
  • empty

    The funniest guy in the world. Lee Evans is truly the best ever!