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Lee Ingleby

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  • An actor whose range knows no boundaries or barriers, Lee Ingleby is destined for greatness. No typecasting worries here!

    The odd supporting roles undertaken by this superb performer are brilliantly enacted in ways that far surpass the usual. In fact, more often than not, overshadowing the leads. He blossoms to greatness while conveying with uncanny accuracy the most diverse, emotionally demanding portrayals. Not to be catagorized, each and every role is light-years from the last in it's characterization. Humor and angst are equally played with poetic excellence. Lee Ingleby is, without a doubt, an actor whose growth potential is far from fully realized. Leading man handsome, acutely empathic and sharp witted... He is star quality rarely experienced.moreless
  • He gets hidden behind the strangest of roles, and yet, his beauty as an actor always shines through.

    Borstal Boy was the first time I saw Lee Ingleby in a movie. Although he played a scary young man who was being detained because of a rape he had committed, I still thought he was drop dead gorgeous. Not knowing it, the next time I would see Mr. Ingleby was in the third Harry Potter installment as the grimey-looking kid that was a sort of watchman on the bus in the beginning of the film. The last time I caught a glimpse of him was in Master and Commander, and again proved his acting skills to be great. I admire Lee Ingleby for his talent and I believe he is destined to be a great actor, for he fits the role quite perfectly.moreless