Lee Majors





4/23/1939 , Wyandotte, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

Harvey Lee Yeary




Lee Majors (Harvey Lee Yeary) was born in Wyandotte, Michigan, on April 23, 1939. His birth parents were killed in an auto accident when Majors was less than a year old and he was adopted by his biological uncle and aunt (Harvey and Mildred Yeary) and reared as their own son. Majors also has a brother William "Bill" Yeary.
Growing up in the small Kentucky town of Middlesboro, Majors attended Middlesboro High School and played for the varsity football team. After graduation,Majors attended Indiana University and Eastern Kentucky University. It was while in college that Majors discovered a love of acting and decided to make a career of it.
Majors first role of note was on the 1960's western series, The Big Valley, starring Barbara Stanwyck. He played Heath Barkley, the illegitimate son of Ms. Stanwyck's (Victoria Barkley) deceased husband. This supporting role lasted for four years. Majors's next role of note, as Steve Austin on The Six Million Dollar Man series, would be the defining character creation of his career and the role he is best remembered for. The Six Million Dollar Man spawned a second series (The Bionic Woman) and four made for television movies. Next came Majors's long-running series, The Fall Guy. In this one, Majors played Colt Seavers, a movie stuntman and bounty hunter. Majors has also starred or co-starred in several big screen films, the most notable being The Vikings and Straight Jacket. Lee Majors has also appeared in a number of television commercials. The most famous being for "Diet Rite Cola" in 1986 and for "ING" in 2003.
On the personal front, Lee Majors has been married four times (Kathy Robinson, Farrah Fawcett, Karen Velez and Faith Noelle). Mr. Majors is the father of four children, Lee Majors II, twin sons- Dane and Trey, and daughter Nikki. Lee Majors continues to act, guest starring in many popular series of the day and a number of feature films.