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    • Lee Majors took a break from series acting for about twelve years after the end of his series The Fall Guyin 1986. Mr. Majors continued to act, but cut back to only a few roles a year. During this period, Lee moved from Southern California to Florida, remarried, and had three more children.

    • In 2003, actor Lee Majors had to take a break from his acting career to undergo two major surgeries. One operation was a knee replacement and the other was a single heart bypass. Both surgeries were successful and Mr. Majors has since returned to his acting career.

    • Lee Majors was offered a tryout with the Saint Louis Cardinal football team, but had to turn it down due to a physical problem and an immediate need to support his first wife and their infant son.

    • Lee Majors, not known as a vocalist, released a single in the 1980's called"The Unknown Stuntman". This song was the theme to Mr. Majors' series "The Fall Guy".

    • Lee Majors has also appeared in commercials for "IMB ThinkPad Notebook", "Lotto 6/49", "kozomo.com", and "Honda CRV".

    • Lee Majors recorded two songs for the soundtrack released for the television series The Six Million Dollar Man. The songs were "Sweet Jaime" and "Cut Loose".

    • Lee Majors was nominated for a Golden Globe in 1977 for Best TV Actor in a Drama for the role of Col. Steve Austin in "The Six Million Dollar Man".

    • Lee Majors has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. The star was given in 1984 for his work in television and is located at 6933 Hollywood Blvd.

    • Lee Majors first role in a film was as Frank Harbin in the 1964 film "Straight-Jacket". Majors' character was the husband of Joan Crawford, as psychotic murderess, who beheads him when she catches him with another woman.

    • Lee Majors is 6'1".

    • Lee Majors' most famous expression in the role of Heath Barkley on the 1960's series "The Big Valley" was "Boy Howdy." This expression became a signature for Majors' character, Heath.

    • Lee Majors has the distinction of being among a select few actors to star on two television series at the same time. Mr. Majors starred on "Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law" as Jess Brandon and on "The Six Million Dollar Man" as Col. Steve Austin during the 1973 television season.

    • Lee Majors is a member of the Middlesboro High School Sports Hall Of Fame in Middlesboro, Kentucky. Majors played varsity football for the Middlesboro Yellow Jackets during the 1950s.

    • Lee Majors was forced to leave a promising career in football when he was injured in a game while playing on the varsity team at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky. The injury caused Mr. Majors to be paralyzed from the waist down for several weeks. The injury also led to the discovery that Majors suffered from a condition called congenital spondylolisthesis, an alignment defect of the spine.

    • Lee Majors attended Indiana University on a football scholarship, but was asked to leave following his involvement in a fraternity brawl.

    • Lee Majors was a limo driver before getting his first break in his acting career.

    • Lee Majors was offered the role of Joe Buck in the 1969 Academy Award winner for Best Picture, "Midnight Cowboy". Majors had to turn the role down due to being contracted to the television series "The Big Valley". The role went to actor Jon Voight and brought him, international acclaim.

    • The high school football stadium in Lee Majors' hometown of Middlesboro,Ky., is named in his honor-Lee Majors Field.

    • Lee Majors took his stage name from his birth middle name "Lee" and the "Majors" from former University of Tennessee head football coach-John Majors.

    • In 1981 Lee Majors was one of the judges in the Miss Universe pageant.

    • Currently Lee Majors has three movies in post production: TV: "The Movie" (2006),
      "Strike the Tent" (2005), &
      "When I Find the Ocean" (2005). Since they are in post production dates are subject to change.

    • Lee Majors third marriage was to former Playboy Playmate, Karen Velez. The marriage lasted from 1988 to 1994. This marriage produced three children. A daughter named Nikki and twin sons named Dane and Trey.

    • Lee Majors current wife is Faith Noelle. They were married on November 1, 2002.

    • Lee Majors first child was a son. He named him Lee Majors II. Lee Majors II was born in 1962 from Lee Majors I marriage to Kathy Robinson (1961 - 1964). Lee Majors II became an actor, who went on to appear as an OSI agent in the three Six Million Dollar Man/The Bionic Woman reunion movies with his father.

    • Lee Major was married to Farrah Fawcett from July 28, 1973 to February 16, 1982. They were separated in 1979 and finally broke up over issues conflicts surrounding career vs marriage roles. Lee Majors wanted his spouse to be home with him in the evenings. Farrah's show was shooting in the evenings. Farrah had stronger commitments to her show and career.

    • In 1976 Lee Majors and Farrah Fawcett made television history. They were the first husband and wife that starred separately in their our top rated television show: The Six Million Dollar Man (Majors) and Charlie's Angels (Fawcett).

  • Quotes

    • (This is a quote from Lee Majors on his friendships with other actors.)
      Lee Majors: Clint Eastwood's a good friend, too-he and I used to play in softball games together. I also had a wonderful relationship with Paul Newman, and with Steve McQueen. Steve was one of my all-time favorites, but I never got to work with him.

    • Lee Majors: For 40 years I put my body through a tremendous amount of work.

    • Lee Majors: I have never minded my kids watching any of the series I did. That's important to me.

    • Lee Majors: I am a very conservative guy,yes.

    • (Lee Majors in a quote about his series"The Six Million Dollar Man")
      Lee Majors
      : I had no idea how big the show was at the time we were doing it because I was always working.

    • Lee Majors: I learn the whole script before I show up.

    • Lee Majors: I think I've got one more series in me, and I don't care what it is.

    • Lee Majors: I was never into my looks. What's important to me is my health and family.