Lee Norris

Lee Norris


9/25/1981, Greenville, North Carolina, USA

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Lee Michael Norris


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Lee was born in Greenville, North Carolina. Lee starred in several made for TV movies. He is well known for his role as Stuart Minkus on Boy Meets World in the earlier younger episodes. His character was written out as the show progressed, but Lee returned for the…more


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    • Lee: (On why he loves acting) I'm an actor, and I love the art of creating a character. Every day that I get to step onto a set is a good day for me. I love seeing what's next. I wake up and I never know if it's the day I have to learn a cheerleading routine, break out into karaoke, or confront a friend who's waving a gun in my face.

    • Lee: (On his character, Mouth, in One Tree Hill) I play Mouth McFadden, who is sort of the nice guy in Tree Hill. He's a fun character to play because he gets to do a lot of things that are funny.

    • Lee: (On Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush's marriage break up) Well, you know, that's something the two of them had to deal with and certainly it was a bad thing for everyone when it broke out, because both of them are friends and co-workers, but I have to say that throughout all of it everyone maintained a very good sense of professionalism.

    • Lee: (On his work as an actor throughout the years) It's an amazing feeling. It's an amazing experience to have someone come up to you, and say that they feel like they grew up with you, and that's what happens to me a lot. It's been amazing to have that kind of reaction, and I just feel really blessed, that I've been able to be part of these shows that are a part of a certain youth out there, a certain age group. I just feel really blessed. And you're right, it is kind of cool to look back on it. Sort of like a living year book. It's so surreal to look at yourself as a twelve-year-old.

    • Lee: (On the challenges of playing his character, Mouth, in One Tree Hill) I think that the most challenging thing about Mouth is that because he is sort of the 'nice guy,' he doesn't do a lot of outrageous things. The challenge for me is to make him likable and continue to be interesting. Nice people, while they are fun to have in your life, aren't always the most interesting people to have around in your life. I try to continually take what they give me, which is great material, but put my own spin on it. I try to make it so that, even though he is a nice guy and doing things right of the most of the time, that he is human, believable and real.

    • Lee: (on the time jump in "One Tree Hill) I think it's a great idea. I think a lot of these shows lose their steam once you try to make everyone go to the same college, which isn't realistic. It just doesn't happen. A lot of the things our characters have been through are things that more typically would have happened to older kids. I don't know many people in high school that were getting married, and having babies and having clothing lines and going on musical tours. These are things that tend to happen a little later in life, if at all, so I think the time jump would bring in a new sense of realism to the show.

    • Lee: I am just so blessed to have these really intelligent, funny and wonderful human beings for fans. I really am lucky! They really inspire me to do what I do.

    • Lee: I relate to (Mouth) a lot. I think he has a good head on his shoulders.

    • Lee: I love to work. I'm an actor, and I love the art of creating a character. Every day that I get to step onto a set is a good day for me. I love seeing what's next. I wake up and I never know if it's the day I have to learn a cheerleading routine, break out into karaoke, (or) confront a friend who's waving a gun in my face.

    • Lee: This season on One Tree Hill I'm hoping for more fun stuff to do. That's the thing I love about my character, he gets to do all those crazy things but he's also got a serious side.

    • Lee: There's definitely been a Brooke in my life. I think a lot of guys have a Brooke in their life. You know, that girl that you sort of look up to from a far. The kind who seems kind of unobtainable, yet she is just sweet enough that you always have that hope that she will come around. Yeah, I have definitely had that.

    • Lee: Chad is trying to sucker me into playing golf with him because he was out there playing all summer and let me tell you, there's no way I'm going to play with him. Not at least until I get a little better.

  • He is very cool and interesting but he kind of acts arrogant about his character in the best show ever, One Tree Hill. He always acts like his character, Mouth McPhaden. He acts very interesting but you know I'm very picky.moreless

    His career started in 1991 and 1992 in the television show "The Torkelsons" as Chuckie Lee Torkelson. He was in 20 episodes in that show. Then he was in the spin-off of "The Torkelsons", "Almost Home" as Chuckie Lee Torkelson, again. He was in that show for only 13 episodes. After "Almost Home" he guest starred in "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" for just one episode. He also guest starred in "American Gothic" for only one episode. Then he was in films like The Journey of August King, A Mother's Instinct, A Step Toward Tomorrow, Any Place But Home, Hope, and Surf School. Then he guest starred in great TV shows like "Dawson's Creek" and "October Road". His most famous roles are being Stuart Minkus in "Boy Meets World" and Marvin 'Mouth' McFadden in "One tree hill. I hope he stays as Mouth.moreless
  • Great Actor he love able amazzing funny great dancer

    I loved Lee as i a kid he was the werid gennisyes on boy meet world ha d a few guest roles on vairous tv shows ancouding one tree hill before comming a starring role as Mouth Mccfatden

    sweet Bascket ball anoucer at the reiver court with collen fickes as Jimmy Edwards an also has a crush on the party girl head cheerleader Brooke davis sophia bush they are great on screen together he and chad are bestfriends well there characters are and its really shows on the show

    denail harris Racheal and mouth became close to being a cuple Amazzingmoreless