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    • Leelee: (On getting all of the facial and ear piercings for her role in My First Mister) I spent well over an hour in a tattoo and piercing parlour getting them all done. The guy who did them was amazing, although he was really surprised that I was having all of these piercings done, yet I'd never even had my earlobes pierced and wasn't having them done as well. He said he could do them for me too, but I told him that I couldn't, because Jennifer doesn't have her's done either – Although I was tempted. So he did my eyebrows first, then both sides of my nose, then my lip, then the ones in the tops of my ears, and finally my navel. I thought that my lip would be the most painful one, but it was actually the ones in my ears that hurt the most. I was really nervous before he started doing them, and it felt so strange to have someone sticking needles through parts of my body and feeling the jewelry there. But, after it was done, I kind of liked how it all looked and, as time went by, I got used to having it all there. After we'd finished filming, I took most of it out, although I did think that the nose stud and navel piercing looked kind of cool, so I kept them for a couple of weeks more before I took them out.