Leigh-Allyn Baker

Leigh-Allyn Baker

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Leigh Allyn Baker



Also Known As

Leigh Baker Bailey
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  • Leigh-Allyn baker is amazing!!

    Leigh-Allyn Baker is hilarious and she is a great actress. I think that she is pretty too. I think that she really plays Amy Duncan really well, and I think that Leigh-Allyn Baker is talented too. If it weren't for Leigh-Allyn Baker, I would not have interest in Good Luck Charlie. Leigh-Allyn Baker is amazing!!1
  • Leigh Allyn Baker

    Leigh Allyn Baker plays the mom who think she is a great actress and lives for the camera, Amy Duncan, mother of five. She is super pretty and talented, and it is amazing she deals with five children. One, PJ Duncan, not very bright but funny and sorta cute, Teddy Duncan, just a normal teen that's the most helpful one. Gabe Duncan, troublemaker, what else is there to say? Charlotte (Charlie) Duncan, a cute adorable three-year-old, who is destined to turn out just like Teddy, and of course, the new baby, Toby Duncan! Who is probably a few weeks/months old right now. All in all, a very interesting family, and Leigh Allyn is one of the actresses who is amazing and funny on GLC.moreless