Leigh Whannell

Leigh Whannell


1/17/1977, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Leigh Whannell



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Leigh Whannel
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At the age of four, Leigh had already developed an obsession with telling stories. At the age of 18, he was accepted into the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology's prestigious Media Arts course, where he met fellow filmmaker James Wan. In his second year of college, he played…more


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    • Leigh Whannell: I was thinking, if the doll from Saw was so popular why not build a whole movie around it?

    • Leigh Whannell: I'm writing a kids movie, believe it or not, and I'm really enjoying that. And I'm working on something with James, which I would describe as a sci-fi/thriller/noir film with a couple of horror elements.

    • Leigh Whannell: All of a sudden, I'm on set and I'm like, "Oh yeah, I have to spend this whole film wet." Someone should have really told me but I can't say that because I wrote it.

    • Leigh Whannell: We've got three drops of convict blood in us, because we are from Australia. We are used to oppression.

    • Leigh Whannell: I wouldn't say that was entirely non-deliberate. I do think men can be especially selfish, very focused on what they're doing. Women often the mother character in the film cares for the child more than she cares for herself, and just from my own point of view, I felt that the men in the film are more the type of people Jigsaw would have a major problem with.

  • He is and incredible writer and actor.

    Leigh Whannell wrote the incredible movie SAW. He along with James Wan, who directed the film, came all the way from Austraillia to Los Angeles to film SAW. He is currently writing Silence. Along with writing awesome movies he asts in them as well. He played Adam in their film SAW. Also he co wrote Saw II and excutive produced it. In SAW the movie, a killer obesessed with teaching his vitims the meaning of life, puts them to the test to see if they have the skills to survive and to teach them life lessons. Leigh Whannell also played Axel in the Matrix and Chris in One Perfect Day.moreless
  • Leigh is a beautiful and talented person who can write a great script.

    Leigh Whannell is probably one of the most talented people out there. Not only is he a great script writter but he is a great actor. Even though I only saw him in SAW, I think he is a very talented man. Together with James Wan, they make great movies.