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  • Actor

    I love her she is a great actor :D
  • Leigton Meester - She's perfect! She knows how to act, sing and she's beautiful!


    The best part about her is that she knows what she is doing! She knows how to act and is full of charm. I haven't seen such actors in a long time and i know that she's going to raise real high! Her beauty is also excellent. :D

  • so talented!

    First I had never heard of Leighton Meester But after I saw her on Gossip Girl, I also saw her on Surface & House MD.
    I think it doesn't really matter what part she plays, she always plays it very believable.
    Leighton is very beautiful & very talented, She's such a good actress.
    She's my favorite actress & my favorite character on Gossip Girl.
    I love it how she plays Blair Waldorf, She plays her very good.
    I don't think anyone could do it better

    I love the tension between Blair and Chuck!
    I like it how they love eachother so much, They make a perfect couple!
  • Leighton Meester plays the manipulative Blair on "Gossip Girl."

    Among a very well-suited and beautiful cast, Leighton Meester really sticks out as the most talented. Love or hate her character, Blair, she is hands down the most interesting and unpredictable in the cast. Ms. Meester plays the part superbly, wearing a signature bow and constantly manipulating everyone around her. Next to rising co-stars Blake Lively and Chace Crawford, she truly holds her own. The true test now depends on whether she can eventually expand from "Gossip Girl" and become a well rounded actress, but that remains to be decided. She is the heart of her current show though, so let us enjoy what we have now.
  • Leighton Meester currently plays Blair Wardorf on Gossip Girl.

    Before Gossip Girl started, I had never heard of Leighton Meester, and I have to say that she very quickly became my favorite actress on the show once I started watching it. She plays the role of Blair so well, and she does such a good job of playing all of the layers of the character. Leighton also excellent chemistry with Ed Westwick who plays Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. I always love watching the scenes that Ed and Leighton have together. In addition to continuing to watch Leighton's work on Gossip Girl, I also plan to watch her work on the fourth season of 24 since I have that season of the show on DVD, but haven't watched it yet. I've really enjoyed Leighton's work on Gossip Girl, and it definitely makes me want to check out her other work. All in all, I really think that Leighton Meester is a very talented actress, and I really hope that she goes onto achieve great success with her acting career.
  • Extremely beautiful, talented, wonderful - what better idol can a girl have?

    I've only seen Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf, but I love her! She acts very well, and manages to capture both the superficial Blair, and the deeper, more complex parts about her. In addition to that, I must say that she is a fine singer and very beautiful. Whenever looking at Gossip Girl I am fascinated, especially by her wonderful hair! She looks very healthy, almost glowing. I also admire her sense of style, that she is multitalented, and I can't hide that Blair is one of my personal favourites in Gossip Girl. In the show her icon is Audrey Hepburn, and I thinks he resembles her!
  • Leighton Marissa Claire Meester is an American-born actress, who has previously had roles in NBC's drama Surface, FOX's 24, and House. She is now working on the new show, Gossip Girl written by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

    Leighton Meester is a fantastic actress. She plays the role of the manipulative Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl. Blair is the best friend of Serena Van Der Woodsen, who's played by Blake Lively. Blair is a mean girl but can be a really good person. She looks good with Chuck Bass, who's played by Ed Westwick; they make a great couple. Leighton is very talented and she does a great job in acting. She has a great fashion taste on the show and I'm sure in real life. She is just an amazing character to watch on television. Sometimes her plans go too far sometimes.
  • Personal favorite

    I just love her - she's talented, pretty, smart, sexy and such a sweetheart and she's portraying Blair in "Gossip Girl" just perfectly. But sometimes I can't get over the fact that she looks alike Eliza Dushkus, who's my favorite either. She's portraying such characters, but the best part is she's nothing like they are. After all the interviews I've seen and heard, Leighton seems to me as a girl-next-door, who doesn't have this "I'm a huge star" syndrome. I'm looking forward to watching in some movie or tv show, because I believe that she could expand her talent and she hasn't reached her highest point. So I hope she will. Love Leighton, like Blair.
  • Love her!

    She's something special, and if she's lucky, she'll be able to go pretty far.

    Increasingly beautiful with the element of mystery, Leighton Meester has the girl next door quality, added with the fabulous bonus of being the new girl on the block.

    I've always had a thing for sidekicks, the supporting actress if you will. They're where the real stories are, they are where the magic comes from. With Leighton, she seems inter-changable between both. But with GG there is no doubt in my mind that she'll burn brighter than all the others. She has staying power, and that's what makes Leighton stand out.

  • Leighton is an awesome actress and a stupendous singer.

    Leighton Meester is not only a really great actress but also a great singer. She plays the role of Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl. Blair is the best friend of Serena Van Der Woodsen, who's played by Blake Lively. Blair is a mean girl but can be a really good person. She looks good with Chuck Bass, who's played by Ed Westwick; they make a great couple. Leighton is very talented and she does a great job in acting. The clothes she wears on the show are fabulous, like her. It doesn't stop there; she can also sing. She sang "Inside the Black" on her horror movie, Drive Thru and the song "Bette Davis Eyes", which is now my favorite.
  • What can i say...

    Blair Waldorf is the so-called toast of adolescence in her world; she and her friends, Kati Farkas and Isabel Coates, go to a prep school and fancy parties with their rich parents. Blair is envied by her adversaries because she is thought to have the perfect life, not just because of her gorgeous boyfriend, Nate Archibald, but because she's also planning on getting into her dream college,Yale. With everyone worried about college(or procrastinating on worrying, which everyone seems to be doing), and senior year dragging along, her seemingly perfect life is interrupted by her ex-best friend, the beautiful Serena van der Woodsen, coming back into town after getting kicked out of boarding school. Serena comes back into her life, and into the eyes of Blair's boy friend. When everything Blair knows starts to fall apart, everyone will realize that her life is far from perfect. Will life in the the Upper East Side redeem itself of what it's really supposed to be? Or will the false facade reveal that the rich have the same problems as the not so rich (Jenny and Dan Humphrey), if not more. And just maybe Jenny and Dan are all the more happy with their simple, not so expectant lives. She is one of the greatest and sexiest new actors out there...and she can make a caracter who is a b*** very likeble(in Gossip Girl).
  • Leighton Meester is THE it girl.

    I read the Gossip Girl novels already and of course I visualize someone being Blair, Nate and all the others. When I saw the show, the characters were quite disappointing. They weren't like what I imagined them to be! But when I saw Leighton, she WAS indeed Blair. She's gorgeous and classy, the perfect person to play the role of The Queen Bee. And she's a great actress too. She doesn't overdo her acting, and that's what makes her work. I love every bit of her and every scene with Leighton is great. She's truly one of the all-time greats for me. I hope she'd be a huge star.
  • She plays a bi tch on Gossip Girl but you can see that under her bit-chy exterior she has a good heart.

    I absolutely HATED her when I started watching GG- asking why she wouldn't give Serena a chance, why they couldn't start over, and as the season progressed and we started to really understand the characters I realized I actually love Blair!
    Leighton plays her character wonderfully, she can be ice cold or warm-hearted. You really feel for her about her bulimia issue. And i'm a huge House M.D. fan, and I watched the episodes with her right after I started watching GG!
    She is an incredible actress and I know she's going to go on to much bigger things and I can't wait to see how her acting career goes!
  • Leighton is currently on Gossip Girl and one of the hottest rising stars around!

    I havn't seen Leighton in any other roles than her guest role in 24 as Debbie Pendlton where she played an innocent girl who being with her boyfriend caused her death. But, on Gossip Girl she plays the opposite she's a lead rolse and not quite so innocent. She's a great actress who offers alot to a show. She's rising up and she's great at the stuff she does. I look forward to seeing her in more things after Gossip Girl because i'm sure she will be, because she's great! Her and Blake Lively are great actresses on Gossip Girl and are great at playing the leads!
  • she's just wonderfull

    Raised in Marco Island, Florida, leighton Meester became interested in acting when she appeared in a local production of "The Wizard of Oz." When she was 11, she moved with her family to New York City, and soon after began working as a model with Wilhemina, booking a Ralph Lauren campaign shot by Bruce Webber and working with then photographer Sophia Coppola. Other roles include guest starring as "Debbie Pendleton" on Season 4 of the FOX drama 24, as "Ali" in episode 3 and 4 of Season 3 of the FOX drama House, as "Carrie Bishop" on Season 1 of the UPN drama Veronica Mars, Chandler's new girlfriend Kendall in Season 8 of the WB drama 7th Heaven, as well as the role of "Justine Chapin" in Season 1 of the HBO comedy Entourage.

    When not on the set, leighton Meester passionately pursues her talent for music and creative writing. She has recorded a song for the soundtrack of her upcoming film "Drive-Thru." She currently resides in New York.
  • empty

    ive never actually seen leighton meester in anything but she is going to be blair waldorf (my favorite character) on the CW's gossip girl so i cant wait to see her on it.
  • She is awesome in Surface.

    Leighton plays Savannah in the tv show Surface. Her appearance in this show is a real delight. She might not have a lead role, but she plays a good role that completes the show's ensemble cast. She plays a teen and quite the bully in the show, she does it really convincingly. but close to the end of the show, her character takes a u turn, she starts to become good. She makes this transitional personality heart warming, she does it so well. During the last episodes of the show, she is a full fledged good person, Leighton's acting ability expresses all modes of personalities very well.