Len Wein





6/12/1948 , New York City

Birth Name

Leonard Wein




Len Wein is the creator of SWAMP THING (which has generated three successful comic book series, two feature films, a long-running television series, an animated series, numerous toys and other merchandising, and a new big-budget feature film currently in development for Joel Silver); the HUMAN TARGET (which produced several comics series, a live-action television series, and a new feature film currently in development for Warner Bros.); BROTHER VOODOO (currently in development as a live-action series for the Sci-Fi Channel); and WOLVERINE and the NEW X-MEN (the most successful comic book series of the ‘80s and ‘90s, two long-running animated series, the fourth-highest grossing feature film of 2000, with a higher-grossing sequel currently in release, and a third feature already in development, and more merchandising than one can easily imagine), and many other characters.

With partner Marv Wolfman, Len has written and sold THE GENE POOL, a live-action feature currently in pre-production at Solo Entertainment. They are currently at work together on several other projects.

In the area of television, Len developed the animated series SKELETON WARRIORS and the award-winning CGI-animated series WAR PLANETS: SHADOW RAIDERS, and served as Story Editor for all 26 episodes of the latter. He has scripted over 60 episodes of such varied live-action and animated series as HYPERNAUTS, CONAN, INCREDIBLE HULK, X-MEN, GODZILLA, SPIDER-MAN, ACTION MAN, STREET FIGHTER, BEAST WARS, BEAST MACHINES, EXOSQUAD, POCKET DRAGON ADVENTURES, and many others. Len has also received Emmy honors for his work on BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES.

In the comic book field, Len has been Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics, Disney Comics, and Top Cow Comics, as well as Senior Editor at DC Comics. He is noted for long runs writing almost every major character in the business. These range from SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, GREEN LANTERN, FLASH, and the above-mentioned SWAMP THING and HUMAN TARGET at DC, to SPIDER-MAN, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, THE MIGHTY THOR, THE FANTASTIC FOUR, and WOLVERINE and THE X-MEN at Marvel. He has also written extensively in the STAR TREK and STAR WARS Universes. Len has been nominated for and won numerous industry Awards for his work.