Lena Headey

Lena Headey


10/3/1973, Bermuda

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Lena Headey



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Lena Heady
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Lena was born in Bermuda, where her father, a police officer was stationed. The family moved to Huddersfield, Yorkshire when Lena was five years and remained their until Lena was seventeen. At the age of seventeen Lena was spotted by a Hollywood casting agent during her performance in…more


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    • Lena: I was 17 when I got my first job. I had not gone to drama school. I was lucky and just fell into it. I was asked to audition for a film when I was 17 and did that.

    • Lena: [when asked if she always wanted to be an actress] Yeah, but it's strange - I did, and I do, but directing is now hugely interesting me as well.

    • Lena: You can't take anything for granted for a second otherwise you trip up. More than anything, I believe life is all about timing. I know certainly every situation in my life has been like "why now"? and it's a test or a beautiful moment. That's why life is so gorgeous.

    • Lena: [on if The Brothers Grimm was a very difficult shoot.] Yes it was. I have to say when I left that job I didn't know if I wanted to be in this business. It really made me feel like that.

    • Lena: I feel like my career has been like an elastic; I've almost had the big breakthrough role so many times and then been back to where I started. "I've given up thinking, 'This is it,' as it makes you dizzy, so I'm just going to do what I do and if things happen then they happen.

    • Lena: I'm kind of a binger when it comes to staying in shape, one good month, one bad month. So I took up boxing in clubs in south London. I found a tiny gym over a pub, and I fell in love with it. A former boxer runs it, and he's teaching me to spar. I wear a head protector and a chest protector. It demands stamina and strength, and it's really incredibly noble as a sport. I haven't gone to the bouts yet, but I'd like to.

    • Lena: [about the cuisine in Czech Republic when shooting Brothers Grimm] We were in Prague, so the catering wasn't that amazing. If you liked your scrambled eggs lukewarm and discoloured, then it was fabulous..

    • Lena: I'm ambitious, but I don't necessarily equate success with being a huge Hollywood star. The dream is to have both a long career and a normal life.

    • Lena: [when asked about magic and supernatural] I do think it exists. It is an endless talking point for people. I believe in the supernatural only because I have had experiences with a ghost since an early age. I have seen too much stuff to think I was crazy or it was a coincidence.

    • Lena: Working with Stellan Skarsgard on Aberdeen (2000), a picture that had a tiny release, is still one of my favourite experiences.

  • Playing a science fiction icon never seemed so easy

    Linda Hamilton breakout performance as Sarah Connor on 1992's James Cameron Terminator achieved cult status…no question about it; the weight training, the mental workout, the fighting and shooting was the first to many girls (being considered an action icon at the time) started the tough girl persona that was later on established in Buffy or in movies like Tomb Raider … how do you replace that? You don't…what you try to do is get an actress with such characters and elegance that draws you from your initial idea and expand upon the original concept, you bring someone like Lena Hadley.

    She is beautiful (in an intriguing and sexy way) but most important, she seemed determined and within the confines of the character her talent let us glimpse inside the mind of very complicated woman-warrior determine to survive against impossible odds in which she seems at ease most of the time. She became the reason for many of us to enjoy the series and became fans.moreless

    Es una mujer demasiado hermosa, es de las personas, que solo con verla en la television, da gusto.

    Es para darle una felicitacion a las personas que escojen a los actores.

    Ojala tengamos la posibilidad de poder ver a esta mujer tan hermosa, en un largometraje, solo la recuerdo en 300 aunq ue se que ha hecho ma speliculas, pero no eh tenido la fortuna de verlas.

    Me despido deseando que todas las personas que lean mi comentario, tengan un buen dia y sobre todo, piensen igual a mi, sobre esta hermosa mujer.

    Saludos desde Mexico, Distrito Federal.

    Hasta pronto si Dios quiere.

    Christian M.moreless