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  • Playing a science fiction icon never seemed so easy

    Linda Hamilton breakout performance as Sarah Connor on 1992's James Cameron Terminator achieved cult status…no question about it; the weight training, the mental workout, the fighting and shooting was the first to many girls (being considered an action icon at the time) started the tough girl persona that was later on established in Buffy or in movies like Tomb Raider … how do you replace that? You don't…what you try to do is get an actress with such characters and elegance that draws you from your initial idea and expand upon the original concept, you bring someone like Lena Hadley.

    She is beautiful (in an intriguing and sexy way) but most important, she seemed determined and within the confines of the character her talent let us glimpse inside the mind of very complicated woman-warrior determine to survive against impossible odds in which she seems at ease most of the time. She became the reason for many of us to enjoy the series and became fans.

    Es una mujer demasiado hermosa, es de las personas, que solo con verla en la television, da gusto.
    Es para darle una felicitacion a las personas que escojen a los actores.
    Ojala tengamos la posibilidad de poder ver a esta mujer tan hermosa, en un largometraje, solo la recuerdo en 300 aunq ue se que ha hecho ma speliculas, pero no eh tenido la fortuna de verlas.
    Me despido deseando que todas las personas que lean mi comentario, tengan un buen dia y sobre todo, piensen igual a mi, sobre esta hermosa mujer.
    Saludos desde Mexico, Distrito Federal.
    Hasta pronto si Dios quiere.

    Christian M.
  • Es fantástica

    La vi por primera vez en 300, donde le imprimió fortaleza, caracter y belleza al personaje de la reina Gorgo. De ahí la seguí en otras producciones hasta que la vi nuevamente en Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles donde creo que a pesar de las odiosas comparaciones con Linda Hamilton, vuelve a ponerle un toque personal al personaje de Sarah. Bastante dificil para cualquiera tener que interpretar a un icono de una saga como Terminator, pero cumple muy bien con el cometido. Además por lo que se ve en fotos entrevista y videos parece una persona muy divertida y simpática.
  • Just when you think that actresses couldn't get more talented.

    Lena Headey is in fact a beautiful actress. I actually first noticed her in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, in which she nailed as playing Sarah Connor. She somehow reminded me of Linda Carter as they are both beautiful actresses that starred in action roles. It is quite remarkable that you always appreciate someone's past work when they make it big in a present role. I have grown to be a number one fan of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and because of this I find myself mapping out the past roles or movies that each character on the show was on. I think it is because I find that they are so talented and wondered how come I didn't notice them before in previous roles.
    I recently became a fan of Lena Headey as well, I also hope that her new series continues, because I have grown to adore every episode.
  • One of the reason why I watch the series.

    I've been following Lena Headey's career all thoughout the years. Seeing her in the new series "The Terminator:the Sarah Conner Chronicles," she along with Summer Glau has added appeal to the series. She is grogeous and she can act. I saw her in "300" and I saw her in the series which I'm planning on seeing in the weeks ahead. Lena's character is beautiful. she is smart and determind. I love her and I got a feeling that she will make heads turns in the weeks ahead. she is an important part of the series. The Fox network is the place that I'll be every Monday night at 9.
  • Who cast these people?

    She looks nothing like Linda Hamilton. At least they could get someone who could have passed off as a distant family member. She isn't that great looking, and I could care less about what she's been in. The show is going to lose a lot of viewers on that alone. So what it's the lead in to 24, Tivo's don't care. If no one programs the show to record, poof, the show's gone. I will bet it doesn't make it halfway through 24 before it's history. The networks TV guru's are mostly nutcases, just look at the show's that are being put out.
  • Beautifu, Talented and Underrated!

    Lena is one of my favourite actresses, one of her best films [in my opinion] is “Imagine You & Me“. She has got to be one of the most underrated actresses in the business, she totally deserves more recognition for the work she does. Even though she hasn’t been is that many ’big’ movies her roles are definitely memorable and she just keeps on getting better.
    She also seems like a awesome person and in the interviews I’ve watched with her in she seems very down to earth and also comes across very funny.
    I really look forward to seeing her future projects, cause I’m sure they won’t disappoint.
  • Talented and gorgeous..

    A wonderful young British actress. It always seems as if G.B. has created a tradition of talented women .After having acted in more than 30 films and Tv shows she got the recognition needed when played in Riplay's Game, Brothers Grimm and the Cave , three american films, not that good but quite succesfull in the box office.
    However her most moving and standout performance was in Aberdeen -next to Stellan Skarsgård and Charlotte Rampling - a strong , heart wrenching film.. Now she is is participating in an an adaptation of Frank Miller's "300" , retelling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army. It is also said she will play a single, city-girl superhero in Barbara Hall's comic-book-based drama pilot "Ultra" for CBS.
    Probably we will see her a lot in the future,and seeing talented actresses acting is always enjoyable..
    Young , talented,beautiful and attractive.. What more to ask ?