Leni Parker

Leni Parker


11/5/1966, New Brunswick, Canada

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Leni Parker



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Leni Parker
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Leni Parker was born on the 5th of November 1966 in New Brunswick, Canada. A middle child to parents Drogheda and Wayne, Leni aspired to be a performer since her young days. This came as no surprise, coming from a family with a rich artistic background. She moved…more


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    • Leni Parker: Remember, boycott fur and fur trim this year. Let's turn people on to the warmth of compassion and away from the chilling cruelty of fur.

    • Leni Parker: You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

    • Leni Parker: As an actor you have ideas stemming from an acting perspective and it seems to be almost second-nature to be able to work in a collective and develop scripts. It almost seems like that's what actors should be doing because that's what we're faced with daily.

    • Leni Parker: I feel as an actor I certainly have lots more to give.

    • Leni Parker: Suddenly, when I finally made my decision to continue, I got lots of projects – when I turned 30, it opened up for me and I started working consistently and it was challenging and as a result, I started to really push myself again.

    • Leni Parker: The only way I could be happy as an actor is to be a perfectionist…an intellectual actor. I pick something apart until I can't anymore, until I find the essence of the character and am able to show that in my work.

    • Leni Parker: I was really focused on drama and let everything else go, I remember skipping classes to go to the drama room to rehearse monologues.

    • Leni Parker: I was either playing in front of the mirror or performing skits with my sister. she remembers. We lived in the country, so we didn't have much else to do, we had to keep ourselves entertained.