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  • The suprise star of Jericho, playing Robert Hawkins.

    Best actor to come out of the UK in quite some time. Lennie has a regular guy feel and doesnt seem like just an actor playing a role. While Skeet Ulrich and Gerald McRaney were supposed to be the stars of Jericho, Lennie has taken over the show and is by far my favorite character, the mysterious Robert Hawkins, who played some role in the nuclear terrorist attack that crippled America on Jericho. Who is he? Undercover CIA agent? Terrorist collaborator? Bad guy turned good? His story line rivals that of a Tom Clancy novel. His character even has a web based series tied to each episode on whodroppedthebomb.com called COUNTDOWN that tells the story of how he became involved with the terrorist plot to bomb America.

    Hopefully Jericho goes on for a number of years and Lennie James gets the attention he deserves here in America.